Daily Update 8/30: Stop and Smell The Roses

Thoughts on all the games I played and achievements I unlocked on Thursday, August 30, 2012.

Earlier today I hit exactly 749,000, 1k away from the 750k milestone. I wasn’t trying to, nor did I even know I was close. I just hit my guide and there I was, precisely 1k away. Had to take a pic.

Then I noticed my profile was acting kinda funny – My score was off and all the messages were missing. I decided it was about time to download my profile. 

As most of you know, you can download your profile a zillion times faster now. Doing this made my achievements pop ON TIME and not 15 seconds late. It was strange seeing them pop so fast.

I’m currently 625 gamerscore shy of the Three-Quarters of a Million mark. When I hit these milestones it’s the only time I get to stop and smell the roses. So, I’m literally going to chop a few dozen roses up and snort them as if I were Keith Richards offspring. Not really. But what I will do is get started on making a video for the milestone, that will give me a chance to reflect and enjoy the moment. We’ll see what happens. 

Stallion in the hole…