Achievement Bounty 12-29-2010

Achievement Bounty 12-29-2010 (16) (470gs)

Achievements obtained from Rock Band 3, Alan Wake, Kinect Adventures, and DJ Hero.

<3 Alan Wake. More DLC or a sequel please. I keep trying to force two games down like a bad pill: Family Game Night 3 and Cabelas: North American Adventure. I just can't force myself to play that crap right now. I guess I'm doing decent without them.

I’ll Be Cleaning Guts Off My Ghost For Weeks

Achievement Bounty 12-28-2010 (23) (385gs)

Achievements obtained from Star Wars Cantina, Dead Rising 2: Case West, Mass Effect 2, Kinect Adventures, and DJ Hero.

Finished off both Star Wars: Cantina and Mass Effect 2. Star Wars is really easy but you may find a bit of a grind towards the end. Mildly fun for a few hours. The Overlord DLC is all I was missing for a Mass Effect 2 completion. Much better content than I imagined it would be. The reduced holiday price is probably swaying my judgment, but only slightly. Starting to play Kinect again since I’m feeling a million times better in the health department. I fired up Kinect Adventures and made a little progress in that. More DJ Hero also, I’ll probably be saying that for a while.

Some Halo: Reach multiplayer was consumed as well. In fact, I played for a few hours. The dude splattering you with a ghost, that was probably me. There is nothing more satisfying than smashing a dude between a rock and the nose of your ghost. In gaming, that is. The splatter kill is still my favorite way to end a life in the Halo universe. One change I would like to see in the future creation of the ghost. Make it hot pink. Purple is not girlie enough.

New Windows Phone 7 Games Now available 12/28/10

New Games released for windows phone today Rise of Glory and Revolution. Both are available now for $3

Revolution: $3

Revolution is an original cog-based spatial puzzle that is simple to learn and challenging to master.

Rise of Glory: $3

An amazing First World War flight simulator with arcade accents. Fly your favorite plane in single player campaign or play skirmish user defined missions. Amazing graphics, realistic aircraft behavior, challenging AI, incredible game experience.

Descriptions from Zune Marketplace.

Monkeys At The Wheel

Achievement Bounty 12-27-2010 (12) (210gs)

Achievements obtained from Rock Band 3, DJ Hero, Hydro Thunder, Dead Rising 2: Case West, and Star Wars: Cantina.

The developers of Dead Rising 2 strike again

The pro keys for Rock Band 3 are great, but will be hard to master. Not sure how much time I’m willing to put towards that. Still loving the hell out of DJ Hero. Such a fun game and it’s too bad it never really sold that well. It deserved more accolades because it brought something different to the dying (DEAD) music genre. At least I still have the second one to play. Hydro Thunder was a steal at 5 bucks. It seems like something you can sink your teeth into for a while.

Dead Rising 2: Case West is good, but pisses me off at the same time. The developers neglected to fix a major co-op issue. When the host saves, the other player will get booted from the game. REALLY?? Not AGAIN! WTF, Capcom!ย  It’s like a bunch of monkeys are running things over there or they just take us all for monkeys. Either way, they fooled me twice, but never again. They should have stuck with the 400MSP price point as well. Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case West, when good games go bad.

I’m Just a Squirrel Trying To Get a Nut

Achievement Bounty 12-26-2010 (23) (280gs)

Achievements obtained from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and DJ Hero.

Enjoyed my Christmas, I hope you did as well. Except for that stink bomb of a basketball game, depending on who you were rooting for.ย  Heat > Lakers! Get off the crack pipe, it’s December, not June or July. I remember the Cavs beating the Lakers pretty good last Christmas, who won the ring? Not the Cavs. (Sorry Cavs fans, I’m not picking on you) The Lakers just need to find that hunger or drive. Then it’s smashy smash time. Although, Boston may be the best team because they are playing inspired ball. Mostly due to that finals heart breaker.ย 

Yesterday was the first time I got the chance to sit down with DJ Hero. A really solid game with fun equipment to use. It will be extremely hard to get 5 stars on all expert songs. Big props if you manged to get that achievement. I missed out on getting the onslaught achievements in Bad Company 2 when it was first released and I’m kind of glad I did. It didn’t take long and it was half price. It’s decent content, at best.

All those arcade game deals on the marketplace, I bought. Except for the ones I had already purchased. I have enough content to last me through the winter. I feel like a squirrel gathering nuts and I’m not done collecting. Maybe my next challenge can be the squirrel who didn’t hibernate and is still gathering nuts (achievements) through the winter.

On the prowl for a new TV, if you have any suggestions on something sweet, fill me in. 55″ or bigger. I don’t think I’m ready for 3D yet, either.

Look for an article I contributed to in an upcoming EGM very soon.

All Your Messages Are Belong To Me
Deadfreeze writes: xmas day santa need a gift from all of u clowns. hoes & weeds. any asshole have he need give fat bitch a holla. u know da word. hoe hoe hoes merry fuckin xmas.
Stallion83: This Death37SON45 fellow has sent me about 10 messages about if certain stuff is considered legit. I deleted most of them but here is an example:

Death37SON45 writes: are u still legit if u delete game history?

Stallion83: Probably the worst example, but the only one I still have. The other messages were out there.

SalientThrone writes: hacking cunt

BorderPatrolToF writes: what u win when u hit 1 millon id invest my money in something better

Stallion83: A pair of green panties. I think they will look good on yo momma, she looks mighty fine in a black pair.

MicDizzle22 writes: you are truly a credit to all gamers.GOD BLESS YOU :)!!!
GEARS of M95 writes: merry christams ๐Ÿ˜€ btw how did you get achievements from pocket god??
Stallion83:ย  Windows Phone 7. You can now get achievements on the go.
PRF SilverBasti writes: RESPECT U are my HERO, iยดm from germany and i love your gamerscore.
wialator writes: hello man!!!! i read about You in xbox magazine, and internet last night….when You play all these games….lol!!! add me to your friends please…it would be an honor to have You in my friends list….all the best to your way to 1million …peace
Stallion83:ย  I wish I could add you, man. My list is full. ๐Ÿ™
I f4k3 I writes: nice one dude.. From Switzerland ๐Ÿ˜€
Spider Dynamite writes: can i add u please ur a legend to me!
Stallion83: I had some better messages full of venom I just deleted yesterday.ย  I didn’t think I would bring it back today.