The Gamerscore Popcast – Episode #29

Stallion83, Pigimus Prime, StophJ, Omega Deez, and Phatal1ty are all present this week and give you the lowdown on the new hotness in gaming and achievements.

Main show ends at: (1:26:29) and that is when the after party begins

  • Gaming Highlights and low-lights of the week: Syndicate, Alan Wake: American Nightmare, Catherine, The Darkness 2, Saints Row The Third: Gangsters in Space DLC, YooStar MTV, Kingdoms Of Amalur and much more.
  • News and new releases: 
  • New Listener Challenge: Week one listener is randomly selected and announced on the show. He will be interviewed during the week and will announce which cast member he wants to compete against. All of which will be on episode #30. We will also announce who gets the spotlight for week 2 on that show, giving you an entire week to prepare for battle if chosen.
  • Enter for week 2 and beyond on our Facebook Page by entering your gamertag on the post that mentions this challenge or anywhere on the wall. All gamertags entered will stay entered in the random drawing for a to-be-determined period of time. Week 6 will be a team game based on gamerscore gained compiled of the listeners picked weeks 1-5 and will go against the popcast crew for even more chances to win prizes. The week 1 winner will be announced on the show next week, so get your gameratag in the hat and good luck. 
  • Bloopers reel
  • Listener questions
  • New Song
  • The after party: starts at (1:26:30) Which is us talking about nothing after the show. Just us being us without a direction.

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Stallion Doin’ Work: Days 20-26 – Going Strong Like Bull

It’s almost been two weeks since I updated this challenge which is going to make putting this together an absolute nightmare. The thing that is rough with this challenge and keeping the blog up to date; I’m generally worn out the day after a challenge day because I am pushing myself more than usual, especially on the back to back days. I’m not trying to match Brian Scalabrine in points scored every other night; I’m matching the leagues leading scorer. This challenge is about twice as hard as I initially imagined.

Day 20-

Kobe scored