Achievement Bounty 7-29-2010

945 is currently the max you can get in NBA2k8 Japan so, I can’t take it any further. There goes my perfect in NBA games gamerscore. I guess I’m still perfect in the Wrestling genre. Which is what the NBA is becoming. *Cough MIAMI HEAT Cough*

Completed Game: Prison Break

The 1,000 gamerscore points is great, not to mention very easy. Less than 10 hours for sure. This might of been a gateway to watching the show. The only two good things about this game.

Achievement Bounty 7-28-2010

3 of those heads play on the same team now. Combined total championships of the heads=7. Kobe has 5 of those. If you still doubt that this guy is the greatest player of the new generation, I don’t know what else to say besides, get some basketball knowledge. If the Lakers happen to win it all next year, Kobe will have 2 3-peats. Who else did that? Oh yeah, some cat named Air Jordan.

Podcast: Party Chat Podcast – Episode #1

With no regard for human ears

Featuring: MajinFro, Omega Deez, Rand al Thor 19, and Stallion83.

In Episode # 1 we talk or talk smack about the following: Swine Flu. Beanie Babies. Carrot Top. 360voice. White People. Goat Milk. Cheers. Jimmy Hova. Bald people. Cheese. Alien Ant farm. Adam Morrison. Bilbo Baggins. Muppet Babies. Muppets on Ice. Nancy Kerrigan. Tonya Harding. Something called video games. And much more.

You better listen, because we probably have something bad to say about you.

Growning pains were abundant this time around, but that was almost certain. We are shooting for one every week.

If you have a question that you would like answered during the podcast, shoot us a tweet.
Majinfro Stallion83 Rand al Thor 19 Omega Deez


Download Link: Party Chat Podcast Episode #1 (Right Click)