Hide! There are zombies out there!

I want to wish everybody a safe and happy Halloween. I wont be doing anything exciting. I’ll probably just lay back and watch a few scary movies and hit up some mini twix bars. I might pop in some Silent Hill if I get in the mood. My egging days are way behind me. I remember one year back in high school I egged this fools house. I was very unlucky because a cop was patrolling the neighborhood at the time. He started chasing me so I had to run into the woods. I ran for miles in the dark. I fell into a huge ditch that was at least 15 feet deep, ran into barb wire fences and brier patches. I was all beat up, but I made it home safely, can’t say the same for the clothing I was wearing. Before you judge, the guys house I egged was a huge prick. Think Brucie from GTA4 in high school. Anybody reading this would want to punch his lights out. Do you know of any good scary movies I should check out? Leave me a comment.

Only a few survivors

Tuesday was the day I released most of my prepped/stacked achievements that I was saving for a GSL that was prematurely canceled due to fear. I gained a total of 4,530 gamerscore points and 142 achievements. I would’ve easily topped the 6,000 point mark if I would’ve saved some easy stuff that I did Saturday night and Monday. It was by far the best day I’ve had as far as gaining achievements goes. I encountered a few road blocks along the way. My cricket prepped stack didn’t want to unlock for some reason.If you have any problems sleeping at night, don’t spend money on expensive doctor bills or pills, just buy cricket. Seriously, save yourself some coin, if you are an achievement whore that is. I also came across a weird achievement glitch. If you look on xbox.com or just take a look at my profile on your xbox, it will say I have 980 in idol master(The game title that you don’t understand) When I click view games within my guide it says I have all 48 achievements. When I go to the achievement page within the dashboard it says I have all the achievements and I have the picture for the one I’m missing on xbox.com. Even the info about what game is loaded in the disc tray says I have 1,000 of 1,000. If you know anything about this type of glitch, let me know. I don’t think this is a game specific glitch either. Here is a good report of what I did Tuesday.

I had a few goals for this week listed in my last blog. Here is my progress so far.

Goal 1: 10,000 points
Progress: Need 3,545 more
Fate of this goal: I have 4 days left so I should easily get this done.

Goal 2: Complete 10 games
Completed 6: Earth Defense Force, American Idol Encore, TNA Impact (I told you shark boys days were numbered) NBA Live 09, Lego Batman, & Idol Master
Fate of this goal: I’ll probably get this also. I have madden sitting here, I only need 2 achievements in force unleashed and 3 in Fishing Frenzy.

Goal 3: Get to 10,0000 total achievements which I needed 415 to begin the week
Progress: I’m sitting on 9,782 achievements, 218 to go.
Fate of this goal: This one will be tough, I probably bit off more than I can chew.

Possibility of reaching all goals. I’m going with a 50% chance, it is hard to balance all three.

Time to unleash some hurtin’ bombs!

I haven’t completed a single game since September 25th due to the gamerscore league I was in. This upcoming week is make up time. I have a few goals in mind, three to be exact. Monday through Sunday I want to complete 10 games, while gaining 10,000 gamerscore points, and getting 415 achievements. That would put me at 10,000 total achievements. I have no idea if I can do all of this in just 7 days but this will be my big push before I get sucked into Gears of War 2. Tuesday will probably be the biggest day of all. Yes, I am a crazy mo fo.

I picked this video because I started building my hurtin’ bombs 5 weeks ago. I had to counter attack the speed of a player with a lower gamerscore than me. So, with my 250k score, I am basically old Rocky and need hurtin’ bombs to compete in any gamerscore leagues.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat

Yesterday I decided to go for the previously glitched achievement in TNA impact. The achievement is for beating every character on the roster with the Shark Boy. The problem is once you finish career mode, you still need 150,000 style points to unlock one of the characters you need to beat. I have no idea why I chose to do this instead of playing one of the other 15 games I have sitting here. I guess it’s something about this ass clown. Maybe it’s his super neat-o outfit that undoubtablely gets him all the ladies. Since when did wrestling shows, federations, or whatever you call them start recruiting mascots from sea world? What’s next, Donald Daddy?

I ended up falling 50,000 style points short today. Maybe tomorrow I will get it done but Shark Boys days are numbered.


Head to Head Gamerscore League Season 4 over at consoleheroes comes to a screeching hault in day two of the playoffs.

The commissioner of the league decided to end the event due to arguments within the forums. Before he came to that decision, my teammate Majinfro was taken out of the line-up and all of his points were forfeited for the entire match. For what? For arguing a rule, that may have been bent. Majinfro didn’t bend any rules, the other team may or may not have. They came up with a better solution of docking MajinFro 1,500 gamerscore points. WRONG! There was no need to end it, there was no need to dock any gamers, any points. I just can’t believe how it all went down and was handled.

So, 7 weeks down the drain. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun for the first 7, but without the payoff it was a failure. There is no question The MachiNe Team would’ve won it all. Cru x360a was supplying four of us with a ton of games. Thanks CRU! I was prepping points for about 5 weeks. My teammates were doing the same. Ex. I have Earth Defense Force almost done, just need to beat the last level on inferno for 500 points. 10 mins, 500 points. The last time I counted I had roughly a 5,000 point stack. The first day of the finals I would’ve scored somewhere between 5-6 thousand points and my teammates would’ve been right there with me. I’ll probably drop a lot of my points this tuesday.

I like consoleheroes and I want them to grow into a nice big site. I just can’t recommend their GSL to anybody. I don’t think anyone could ever convince me it is a good one since it suddenly ended, at the very end.

Universal Leaderboards, badges, and majority of the site members and mods=Consoleheroes
H2H GSL=Consolezeros
Stallion83, Smrnov, Omega Deez, MajinFro, and Apple x360a=MachiNes.