Daily Update 8-29: Long Road Ahead

Lions & Zombies & Snipers….Oh My!

The games I played and the achievements I unlocked.

Sniper Elite V2

LAST PLAYED 8/29/2012



Sniper Elite V2 takes roughly 15-20 hours for the full 1k.

It was a fun little sniping game, and if you’re a fan of third-person shooters, I’d recommend checking it out. Worth a look just for the awesome Slow Motion kills.

Madden NFL 13

LAST PLAYED 8/29/2012



I only played a couple of games but I like how Kinect functions with the game. You say “HIKE” and by golly, your QB will hike the ball. You say “SPIKE” and you will get in formation to spike the ball. This voice communication revolution makes more sense in football games, than it does in something like Mass Effect 3, at least to me. I actually use it, and it does make play calling easier to accomplish just by shouting at your TV.

There seems to be a noticeable graphical leap over last years offering, no doubt, an improvement in the  animations department, it just looks more realistic all-around. The stiff as a cats hind leg player models and animations are almost non-existent at this point. I’m really liking it so far, and for once during this entire generation, the Madden achievements won’t be a stroll in the park. You’ll have to work for this 1,000.

I still cannot believe a Detroit Lion is on the cover of Madden 13. And they said it wasn’t possible.

The Walking Dead

LAST PLAYED 8/29/2012



If you haven’t played a single episode of The Walking Dead yet, stop reading this and go download it from the marketplace. Only $5 per episode and they are most excellent. Seriously, go! Run!

I’m so in love with this stuff, I would ask it to be my Valentine everyday of the year.

Gaming goals for 8-29
1) Full 1,000 Gamerscore In Sniper Elite V2 – (YES SIR)
2) Finish The Walking Dead Episode 3 which will be 100 gamerscore – i  (Nope – chose health instead – stoopid health)
3) 800 gamerscore –  (Negative – 695 Gamerscore – close but no cigar)

Gaming goals for 8-30
1) A cool 1,000 G – Cause I’m a freaking moron

I’m less than 2,000 gamerscore from the big 750,000 milestone! Three-quarters or 75% to the 1,000,000 goal. 

I really want to make a video for 750k but I have no idea what to include. I also want it to be a grand achievement for the 750,000 but I have no clue what achievement to pop. If you have any ideas on either, please leave me a comment. The video will need to be done sometime this weekend if I do it. I’m at 55% FOR doing a video at the moment.

I talked about exercising and eating healthy a little yesterday so I’ll just lay out what I did today. 

50 Reps of 185 pounds Flat Bench Press
30 Reps of 205 pounds Flat Bench Press
20 Reps of 225 pounds Flat Bench Press
75 Dips
250 Push Ups
250 Sit Ups
And I ran a few miles at the park with Cindy. (Why I did’t complete The Walking Dead)
I’ll try my best to remember what I ate. 
Bagel, Banana and Two Cups of Coffee
Egg,Cheese and English Muffin (Egg McMuffin of sorts only not packed with a zillion calories and tons of fat) 
Banana Chocolate Chip Bar
Shrimp, Cucumber and Baked Beans.
Mixed Fruit, Salad and Cottage Cheese
Glass of Orange Juice
Water on top of Water

I think I ate one too many beans though.  

Have a good day, my friends.