Daily Update 8/31 – Perception

Just 115 G away from 750,000 now….

and I’m sitting here racking my brain for ideas on a video, all day I’ve been drawing blanks. It needs to be something I’m not sinking days into like the last one. A very slow day for me gamerscore wise but a good week overall because I’ve been able to game a ton more since Cindy started school back up, she has a lot less time for demanded late night snuggles. HAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAAH. Dudes with the long time girlfriends or wives feel me on that.

The whole gang was aboard to record Ep56 of the Gamerscore Popcast, so keep your eyes peeled for that on Sunday. I also did something super secret that I will not speak on until it happens. If there’s one thing I’m getting use to during this journey, it’s being let down. Nothing ever seems to meet my expectations or go according to plan. This super secret is already not going down exactly as I expected. That’s another issue I’ll have to save for the book.

Here’s the video I made for Half-Million back in 2010.

I got my first capture card the night before and slapped this video together a few hours after hitting the mark. Certainly not my best video but 500,000 was the most satisfying milestone for me so far. It just felt damn good.

I’ve caught onto internet haters over the years, been around the block and back with them. Some people will just hate because I don’t reply to them, it’s quite funny. If I got pissed at all the people that never replied to me, I’d have a big list of people I would hate, but I don’t. I absolutely can’t please everybody, but then again, I’m not doing anything to piss anyone off that I know of. So why should I care? There are things you can control and then there are things you cannot control. This is one of those instances.

But here’s the M.O. of an internet hater, in my specific case.

How the hate starts and ends.

1) HAX, Mod, there’s no way you got that score legit
Once they figure out that isn’t true they move on to
2) You must be a fat ass and have no life
Once they figure this is also false
Wrong again
4) Gamerscore is just meaningless
Then why did you go through the previous steps to hate on me and wait until now to say this? I think you really think gamerscore is awesome but you just hate me for reasons you won’t share.
5) He has to be a team of people
Dead wrong again. I’m the real deal and the sooner you get that fact into your head, we can move onto the next phase.
6) You have a huge ego and/or you are an asshole.
I think these people know down to their cores that I’m clean as a whistle, so they reach for something, anything, to throw at me.
And you know me how? The internet world is a lot different than the real world and just because I happen to have the largest score, doesn’t automatically make me fit your perception of me.

Trueachievement posted about my pending 750k on their facebook page. This is what got me started on the haters. The comments had me rolling. Check that out HERE. This is on a Facebook page of a site dedicated for achievement hunters. You might end up playing beach volleyball if you do check it out, it’s a real Sandy Vagina festival up in that peace.

The games I played and the achievement I unlocked.

NCAA® Football 12

LAST PLAYED 8/31/2012



Took me about a year to get back to it, but it is now history.

Roll in the Hole

LAST PLAYED 8/31/2012



Rolling Rolling Rolling keep them doggies rolling RAWHIDE


LAST PLAYED 8/31/2012



The long grind for achievements in Madden 13 is about to begin.

Gaming goals for 8/31
1) Complete NCAA Football 12 (YES!)
2) Complete Under Defeat HD (YES!!!!)

Gaming Goals for 9/1
Nothing at all. 50 gamerscore perhaps?

Until next time