Completed Game: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Basically what we have here is an extended demo for Dead Rising 2 with achievements. If you like Dead Rising, you will enjoy this. Still the same zombie killing fun to be had. The loading times are horrible and the frame rate could use a little more love. Strange bug or just happening to me, but for some reason every time I saved or loaded up the game, it would freeze up for at least 30 seconds. I cannot wait for Dead Rising 2 to come out, I’ve got blue balls. Worth the $5, but don’t expect to climax until 9/28/2010.

Achievement Bounty 8-29-2010

The multiplayer in Singularity is kinda fun, but it will get boring after you win about the first 25 games. I don’t really care for the creatures vs soldiers mode(TDM) but I do enjoy extermination. Takes some time because you have to play 100 extermination games and then you have to win 25 in creatures vs zombies. Easily takes 25+ hours for all of that. The good thing is, you can invite a friend in and they will stay on your team. Didn’t see too many quitters, either. I’m guessing because they wanted more games played.

All your messages are belong to me – Xbox Live message of the day

OpTic eXTrem3 says: WTF is wrong with u get a FUKIN LIFE u pathetic piece of shit u little nerd fuck. PLAY A sport and get some air u little dick fuck. FUK U

S83: I run the train on yo momma, is that considered a sport? It sounded like we were playing tennis to me.

Achievement Bounty 8-28-2010

Singularity is a quality SP game for sure, feels a lot like Bioshock to me. I’d say it’s the 2nd best SP FPS on the system this year. Didn’t play a lot of Mafia II but I like what I’m seeing. The dialog had me cracking up and the story seems interesting. Better than both the Godfather games, anything else is TBD.

All your messages are belong to me – Xbox Live message of the day

HookEmHorns1985 says: Dude maybe think about puttin the controller down and get laid every once in a while! Ur gamerscore is fuckin ridiculous!!

S83: Come play some Co-op with me.

Completed Game: NCAA Football 11

Not sure why I wanted to go back and finish it up. Something just clicked I guess, so I did, on my terms. Hopefully that doesn’t change too much here in a few weeks. Great football game, but will not change your mind if you never cared for them before.

Achievement Bounty 8-17-2010 – 8-27-2010

Most of this was done on the 17th and 18th before I went on vacation. I was able to get the last three achievements I needed in Race Pro while I was away. Played an hour here and there and got that crap done. An hour or so at a time was about all I could bare. Girls take a while to get ready so I used those opportunities wisely. They tend to sleep longer than the average gamerscore whore also. I had a good trip, but now it’s time to punish my Xbox. MUSH MUSH!