The top Xbox 360 games of 2010….so far

It’s pretty much known that I play almost every game that comes out. The good, the bad, and the really disgusting. I will update through-out the year on the best games of 2010. This will only be games released within the calendar year of 2010 in the USA. I will break it down into categories I see fit once the list starts expanding. In my estimation, this will be the best year for the 360 gamer. Everything you see here is a work in progress. It’s to give you a better idea of how new games being released in the present stack up against each other.

Best Overall Games of 2010 (SO FAR)

1: Mass Effect 2

2: Battlefield Bad Company 2

3: Bioshock 2

4: Darksiders

5: Bayonetta

6: Army of Two: The 40th day

7: Sonic & Sega Racing

8: Dante’s Inferno

9: Dark Void

10: Blood Bowl

Best Multiplayer Games of 2010 (SO FAR)

1: Battlefield Bad Company 2

2: Bioshock 2

3: Army of Two: The 40th day

Best Single Player Games of 2010 ( SO FAR)

1: Mass Effect 2

2: Bioshock 2

3: Darksider

4: Bayonetta

5: Battlefield Bad Company 2

6: Sonic & Sega Racing

7: Dante’s Inferno

8: Army of Two: The 40th day

9: Dark Void

10: Blood Bowl

Best DLC of 2010 ( SO FAR):

1: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx – Borderlands

2: Desperate Escape – Resident Evil 5

3: Lost In Nightmares – Resident Evil 5

When Bioshock 2 was first announced, most of the people I know didn’t think it would live up to the first one, including myself. How does it stack up against the first? Extremely well, and to be honest, in some ways it’s better. Not only is everything you loved from the first there, it’s handled with care. The one thing that is missing for me personally, was the shock and awe factor. Don’t get me wrong, it has twists and turns like an amusement park ride. Trying to take the same formula that worked for the first and attempting to pull it off all over again had to be a difficult task. You have to solute the developers for trying, but they fell a tiny bit short. Technically, the game is solid on all fronts and trumps the first one.

The big question coming in was how would the multiplayer side of the game hold up . To my delight, I had a really enjoyable time with it. Off the top of my head I could name ten multiplayer games that are better, but I could also name fifty that are worse. Getting into a big daddy suit is one of the best things ever, and that is saying a lot because multiplayer was suppose to be a failure. The game has a few issues with freezing and lag, so everything isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer is a must play for shooter fans. The lack of lag is unprecedented when it comes to console gaming. The destruction level, the huge maps, the outstanding team work required is a few of the things that make it tic. What puts it a notch above Modern Warfare is the vehicular combat. The single player campaign will not blow you away, but it offers some enjoyable dialog and scripted moments. It doesn’t quite stack up to the Modern Warfare single player. The battlefield is on the Multiplayer front, and battlefield is the top dog. I can’t recommend playing it online enough, it’s truly spectacular.

Sonic & Sega racing is a lot like Mario kart. It is the best Kart racing game on the 360 by a wide margin. If you like Sega characters and tracks tailored towards the Sega experience, you should have an enjoyable time with it. It’s very straight forward and for all ages.

Dante’s Inferno is decent at best. It does well at putting things together in a mediocre package. I can’t really point to the reason why I didn’t enjoy it. I just couldn’t get into it. I really liked how seamless the loading was between levels.

Blood Bowl is not like Mutant League Football, so get that out of your head. It’s a turn based strategy game. All you need to know is that out of the games on this list, it’s the only one I don’t have 1,000 for. Some people may enjoy, but most will play a single game then never touch it again.

The Secret Armory Of General Knoxx is the best of the best when it comes to DLC. It has a lot of meat to it, like DLC should. It does have some faults since you can’t teleport around the map. If you enjoy borderlands, you will love this. This isn’t another Mad Moxxi situation, (crap on a stick) thank God.

Desperate Escape was a nice little piece of content that dives right back into the game play that RE5 offered. How zombie like creatures use Rocket turrets is beyond me and that is the only real annoying part.

Lost Nightmares should’ve been more like Desperate Escape. It started out good and well in a mansion and I was digging that, but the mansion part is short lived. You go on to fight the same boring enemy through-out the DLC. I hate the way doors open, I know they were going for a classic Resident Evil feel, but it doesn’t translate well in the co-op experience. I don’t even want to bring up how mind numbingly stupid the final boss is. I’m really glad it was only 400MSP.

I still think we are on pace for the best year of the 360. The top 5 games are all extremely good and there is a little something for everyone. Let’s just hope DLC starts improving over the course of the year, miracles can happen.

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