All your voices and messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

I really couldn’t weed out the good from the bad. I just started recording voice messages as they came.

You may have to turn your volume up.

KungFuNinja24 PLEASE READ!¡!¡! why r u a hacker? ya cant deny it!!!

Venbella Hi my name is Bellã. I couldn’t believe ur gamer score! I’ll admit I am utterly jealous. Since, obviously I’m a girl, it’s hard to be taken seriously esp. when I’m considered a noob. Would u be so kind as to maybe give me some tips? Possibly a new friend?

Altair 047 cheater- duplicate games

Thurston 360 Get a life you fucking faggot

BOOGI3MAN get a life lawl….

SH4DOW W0LF love the GS you are my hero. How and what games do u look for?

Gwantanos kobe sucks ass

lilpopi34 GO CAVS & GET A LIFE

WhinyTerror dude u r a crazy son of bitch i wish u good luck on your journey my goal was 100000

rng cougar my god get a life

Facial La Fleur i was wondering when you’d finally make it into the gamer spotlight. good job dude

PLK x Recon nice achievment glitching

xlBadCompanylx no one likes acheivement whore

KI2AZEY if ur GS is legit thats fukn tight

Tempting Scurvy Why play all those crappy games just for the sake of gamerscore points?

usSTALINsr Get real u fucker ur shit aint legit!! how the u have muliple version of the same game!! BULLSHIT!!

xlBadCompanylx Acheivement Unlocked 80 Year Old Virgin- Go without doing it for 80 years

Rawrzalicious you sir define gaming and i hope you reach your goal of 1 million GS, comparing games with you i know you can do it

NachYoBANNANA dud ur fucking gay 4 liking mj so if we ever meat in a game u keep the hell awey from me i wont doop u n o wepens or dull u or noting ok u like mj u like sex with children

S1L3NT K1LL 789 wow u have no life at all, are u really goin for 1,000,000 gamerscore……. have u ever had a girlfriend? Ive had a girlfriend and im 12 years old. Ur gonna go no where in life.LOSER!!!

DA BEASTFT361 me and Mister CT love u sooooo much.

Afr0 SoIdier Fuck you you fucking cunt! How is it having no fucking life. (pussy) and FUCK YOUR MAMA BITCH

HarrddStyIIee x can i kindly brush your maine in my horse and me 2 xD?

CA31NSANE3635 i cnt wait til i get dat beast of a gs

iiii BACKPACK o are u fat as fuck or what!!!!!!!!

hiroshima0 fuck you your a pussy bitch you must be gay or you got no life how does it feel to have a dogs dick in your eye 24 7 your a cunt fuck you and your stank breath mama

GGN Sk8boy33 You should seriously get out of the closet and go outside and make some friends. Playing every xbox 360 game in the world will get u nowhere in life. How old r u? If ur over 18 I seriously feel sorry for u. GET A GIRL AND GO MAKE SOME MAGIC WITH HER!

Toxic Sammich Apple pie

SNOOTCHatize how do you get halo2 PC on ur gamerscore

L1E Right now, your gamerscore ends in 69. lllloooooollllllllzzzzzzzz

StrykerxCereal ur mom told me last night she wishes uwerent livin

xI WILL RULE Ux yawn! another bandwagon laker fan

xXITERMINATEXx im your biggest fan and i cant add u so could u delete qa friend and add me and how much gamerscore u got sooo far!!!!!!

ThaFreak55 i wipe myself with superiority nigggg

Hot Glue grats. you finally got featured on the Dashboard. When do you expect to hit half of a million?

mcluver 106 get a life u have that much gamerscore get a fn life get a job get a girlfriend fuck her n the ass just get a life n get off xbox