All your voices and messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

I really couldn’t weed out the good from the bad. I just started recording voice messages as they came.

You may have to turn your volume up.

A Bloody Toot Dear sir or madam, my friend Shamoe said he will eat my first born child if I don’t get you to message him. PLEASE MESSAGE HIM!!!!!


XxJugalette69xX whats your current gamerscoar? (sorry you probaly have a bunch of people messageimg you lol)

Bilyeu Boy jesus kid, u have no fuckin life. go get laid faggot.

SquiffyCarcass dude your fucking awesome your my new hero! lol

DANTES IINFERNO ur achievments r so unlegit

E G A N A T 0 R on a quest to become a total fag

lightingjtx1 Took me half an hour to get from one end of ur game list to the other…… no life……

SYNYSTERRABBIT how did you get the new achievements for b-lands?

cryptin21 some 1 already made 1million gamerscore and he didnt mod his gamerscore cuz we been homiez 4 life


the ISH 2000 u turd get a life

AdamP117 Please tell me that you play all of those worthless kiddy games because you enjoy them, and not to boost your gamerscore.

DrGreenThumb904 Your a super ultra uber nerd……555 games……….U HAVE NO FUCKING LIFE!!!!!……….Grow tha fuck up ……. get laid……if u reach 1 million gamerscore… one will be proud of u

Kahuna915 you sir are a disgrace you play games multiple times and get gamerscore for it you should be ashamed

DRACER219 i got u beat in prostreet son HOLLAAAAAA

Ordon215 dude your the koolest guy in the world!!! your a xbox 360 master Ô_Ô

MrMojorising11 your gamerscore is straight up ridiculous

x DethKnight x w/o being derogatory to you I’ll just say that by lookin @ your achievements i know that u cheat. not sure in the manner u go about it, but the proof is there. not cool dude!

Levatation Good job modding more than half of your gamerscore and trying to look cool by having JP games that you dont even understand most likely

Numb Zombie Million Gamerscore Should get into Riplys Belive it or not lol

Xx DJ CRAZY xX u mod u suck dicks

JBaker420 wow ur a major fuckin nerd 1mill really get a life.

Shock sM You….are a fucking loser. BULLETS. Put one in your head, faggot. lol@you

BxH NeXx LeveL how u even get ur score that high when ur on the dashboard 24-7

BakedMcNuggets do u know what color the sun is?

xKrAzYkiLLa101x you fuckin pussy read this message if you have thime because i no your faggot ass is tryin to reach 1 million g score keep glitchin HOE

x QUIBBLE x OMG that is a stupid amount of gamerscore. I’m not sure if I should congratulate you or despise you.

provain u shud add me im also on a quest to reach a million

Thurston 360 ucking fight me pussy,

DaringKiller24 Do u a microsoft points card that i can if

ESKIM0 BUTS3CKS ……..ur just a fuckin faggot

Cardboard Santa Im gonna call the cops for assaulting my eyes with that big number on your gamerscore.

PeaceOfRock 171 dude you’re simply amazing. Even when it will take u at least 6 more years till the 7 digits dont even think about quitting, keep up the good work

SafeMACHINE08 go machines!:P