All your voices and messages are belong to me

Ever wonder what it is like being my xbox live inbox? Wonder no more.

I really couldn’t weed out the good from the bad. I just started recording voice messages as they came.

T3RR0R I87 get a life

Stallion83: Way to be original.

DeathBeSendeth hey do u have a 48hr of gold i can have

Stallion83: Bug Major Nelson

iModsteR z hey im nt being a jerk. but u have a lot of games. did any of them come with 48hr trials. if so can i have 1

Stallion83: NO SOUP FOR YOU!

sman916 are you really tryng to get a millon gamerscore?!?

Stallion83: I will be trying, yes.

Waves of Undead What a sad sad life you must “live”.

Stallion83: Original like Werthers.

Nekro Feline u SUCK nutter butters!

Stallion83: I’d suck the hell out of those Little Debbie nutty buddy bars.

Aresbloodline u need to get laid but its bad ass

Stallion83: Is laid a term for sleep? Not sure what you mean.

VFame MonsterV u r a real gamer !¡!¡!¡!

Stallion83: Call me pinocchio 83

xDr Schnugglesx IVE SEEN YOU ON FACEBOOK! Youre name is Evan Good I think. Youre on the FB XBL App. Good luck reaching 1 mil!

Stallion83: Not me

MindfuII Zombie ur a BEAST! con-friggen-gats on the sick gamerscore! a gaming god among men….much respect : )

Stallion83: No, but thanks.

DOCOTOR do u have a 48 hour trial

Stallion83: Ask Trixie 360


Stallion83: BMF on my wallet.

AKA GENERAAL 00 how many people u let recover your tag 2 do the achievements for you? i can name and tell you how i got each of mine…and you probably take credit for it all..i see it everyday…and i have over 50 completed games..i destroy everything i play.

Stallion83: No one.

ChiTownsLastDoN u are the best thing i have ever seen. will u teach me the ways of da point mastering im from tn 2 i live in tellico plains it next to madisonvile i saw u wer in the latest oxm mag thats great pleas be my friend


chiques84 FUCK LAKERS

BlAzzEn DrIfTeR GET A LIFE! GO OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!

Stallion83: Yawn

hornsern10 what a nerd

Stallion83: Yawn



XxGrassyKnollxX you seriously have no life

QB RULEXD good job hacking your gamerscore

ii PoPpY x lol like ur getting all ur GS letgit.

Stallion83: Double yawn to the last five messages.

lol yea ur not doing it legit. cuz i doubt u got 69star on MWF2 Spec Ops. so ur a fake

Stallion83: Rand al thor and I totally did a 69.

K0yl 07 is it true u fucked a donkey

Stallion83: I was insanely drunk. It was either the donkey or the hippopotamus (Your momma)….pwned & T totally boned.