Robotics;Notes & The Achievement Gone MIA

Paper hiding the title for a little facebook game I do.

At the moment, the completion of the game is only visible to me for some reason. The final achievement is not showing up on, so therefore, the completion doesn’t exist.

But it does. Well, well well. As I was going to to get a screen cap, it appears the final achievement FINALLY showed up on It only took like 10 hours or so, I have no idea why that happens. And check the milliseconds. 😛

  1. 愛と正義の完璧主義者

    50 UNLOCKED ON WED, 22 AUG 2012 05:51:34

  2. これでテストもバッチリだねっ

    50 UNLOCKED ON WED, 22 AUG 2012 05:50:56

Has the right time but took almost 11 hours to appear. Very strange, but it’s happened before, and I was playing on my Japanese Xbox at the time as well.

Play-Asia is where I get the majority of my imports.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Complete! It takes roughly 20-30 hours to get the 1,000 gamerscore. Not too difficult and features the standard achievement list found in most Lego games of the past.

It’s probably the best Lego game on the machine, but I’m a little burnt on Lego games since I’ve played them all except for Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.

What’s changed from the 1st Lego Batman?

Open World of Gotham City (not a ton to do in the open world, but it’s where you will find the majority of the gold bricks, animal riding, carnival games, helicopter and boat checkpoint races)

First Lego game where the characters have voices (very well done, I might add)

Features a ton of DC characters not found in the Batman series.

Superman absolutely steals the show since he is just awesome to use (flight, heat vision, superhuman breath, X-Ray Vision and superhuman Strength) and the Superman theme song is played every time you fly in the open world hub, which made me smile every time. Superman and the other characters that have the gift of flight make the helicopters pointless.

A lot to collect: 150 Minikits, 250 gold bricks, and 50 civilians.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10
It’s a must have for Lego fans and probably the best Lego game made to date.

The Expendables 2 Game MINI-REVIEW

The Expendables 2 complete! This XBLA game takes roughly 10 hours to complete. It costs 1200MSP and comes with a total of 21 achievements and 400 gamerscore to be had. 

Note: You have to fully complete the game twice since the difficulties DO NOT stack.

I bought this game for a few reasons:

1) A friend asked me to play co-op with him (it features 4-player coop, which in most cases, is a great thing.)
2) It has Sly Stallone in it!
3) 400 Gamerscore
I went into this game 100% blind to what it was going to look or play like. It’s just so bad that it’s hard to express in words that are not the four-letter variety, ESPECIALLY for the asking price of $15! But I’ll try my best.

Expendables 2 is the least interesting hybrid of a twin stick shooter/Light gun -like sequences of fail on the Xbox 360. More so a twin stick shooter but, hell, it might be the only hybrid of the sort, and I pray it stays that way.  The Light Gun sequences of fail are exactly that, FAIL, to the 9th power!! You’re stuck with aiming a reticule around on the screen with your CONTORLLER while on rails or a set pathway. I don’t even think you can die during these sections, and there are quite a few of them thrown into the mix for bad measure. The only possible way it could have been worse is if they tried to tack on Kinect Support. I really don’t think I could have handled that on an emotional level.

Note to developers: Light Gun games SUCK without a light gun. Peanut Butter and Jelly is good, but not exactly desirable when the P or the J is missing in action. Make a game for a controller. Cool! Great! Make a game for Kinect. Yes! Exercise! Make a game that supports a Light Gun. Awesome! Light guns rock!! But damn you for designing a game and a good portion of its gameplay to work with a controller type that is not even the best option for the gameplay you created. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???? I’ll never understand this type of decision.
Gameplay is dung, graphics are crap, abilities/power-ups=super crap, voice acting is super-mega crapola on a stick! (Sly doesn’t even voice his character *RAGE MODE ACTIVATED*) It had some potential but it was clearly slapped together to coincide with the release of the movie….without any regard for a smidgen of quality control.
I really wanted to like and support this game since I’m a big Stallone fan, but I cannot recommend this heap of vile to anyone.

Not even to those just looking to blow shit up.

Save your money and go watch the movie instead. That’s most definitely cheaper IF you don’t buy concessions.

Rating: 3/10
Expendable as can be.

Completed Game #456: Bloody Good Time

Bloody Good Time is a multiplayer oriented first-person shooter with more emphasis on melee rather than gun-play. Across the 3 sets (maps, the premise is Hollywood sets) to choose from you will find: Beds, to replenish your sleepy meter. Toilets, to replenish your urge meter. (not sure what in the bloody hell to call it) Food, to replenish your hunger meter. If you let these meters deplete, your character will start walking really slow from fatigue. If you don’t relieve yourself, your character will start doing the Michael Jackson crotch grab. Hee-Hee

You literally have to sleep, piss/shit, and eat during actual live gameplay, which can set up extremely odd scenarios. I was relieving myself in the bathroom and I’m 100% certain my character was taking a shit because he was sitting on the toilet. Another player in the match was using the clown character and was just standing in the the bathroom corner watching me do my business. I bet some freaky ass people jump into multiplayer games just to watch people take shits. I don’t know about you, but I would classify a dude dressed up as a clown while watching someone take a shit a super freak. I guess if that is your thing, you will have a Bloody Good Time with this one.

Bad <-----------

Price: 400 Microsoft Points

Worth 400 MSP? If you like watching other people take virtual shits, then HELL YEAH!

Achievement Difficulty: 4 (baby grind with me)

Time to complete the full 200: 8 to 10 hour range.

Completed Game #455: Ghostbusters: Santum of Slime

Ghostbusters: Santum of Slime is a top down co-op shooter of sorts. On my rating scale (awesome, great, good, decent, bad, terrible) this would be considered BAD. Too repetitive with how it recycles the levels. I recommend playing it in co-op for some enjoyment. If you’re going solo, you  may want to completely skip it. The only nostalgia found within would be that of Ray Park Jr’s wonderful theme song that plays on the main menu, which is of course on loop.

Price: 800 Microsoft Points

Worth 800 MSP? NO

Achievement difficulty: 3

Time to complete the full 200: Less Than 5 hours

Tips or tricks: You can do everything in four player co-op except the Story Teller achievement. However, you can easily get that after you complete the game in co-op by going into single player chapter select. Start from level 1 and hit next (Not skip) on all the comics until you have control over your character. Quit out and repeat that process for all of the levels. The final level, which is the final boss, is the only one you have to complete. Beating him will bring you to the stats screen, proceed by hitting A to watch a final comic strip and the achievement is yours.

Any requests with future completed game posts? Let it be known.