Completed Game #455: Ghostbusters: Santum of Slime

Ghostbusters: Santum of Slime is a top down co-op shooter of sorts. On my rating scale (awesome, great, good, decent, bad, terrible) this would be considered BAD. Too repetitive with how it recycles the levels. I recommend playing it in co-op for some enjoyment. If you’re going solo, you  may want to completely skip it. The only nostalgia found within would be that of Ray Park Jr’s wonderful theme song that plays on the main menu, which is of course on loop.

Price: 800 Microsoft Points

Worth 800 MSP? NO

Achievement difficulty: 3

Time to complete the full 200: Less Than 5 hours

Tips or tricks: You can do everything in four player co-op except the Story Teller achievement. However, you can easily get that after you complete the game in co-op by going into single player chapter select. Start from level 1 and hit next (Not skip) on all the comics until you have control over your character. Quit out and repeat that process for all of the levels. The final level, which is the final boss, is the only one you have to complete. Beating him will bring you to the stats screen, proceed by hitting A to watch a final comic strip and the achievement is yours.

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