Stallion Doin’ Work: Day 9 – Like Shooting Noobs in a Barrel


Kobe went into full noob mode on Monday Night against the Mavs

And the Kobe face was nowhere to be found during the game.

I would be shocked if it doesn’t make an appearance against the Heat on Thursday night.

Tuesday: Challenge Day – A noob like 14 achievements needed

I started off with some NBA2k12 in the AM and I finally created a my player for use in player mode which is addicting as ever. That’s all I really want to play at the moment. I also finished off the Legends Showcase DLC. It was fun playing with mini-fro Kobe again and all the other legends of the game. I unlocked a few more odd achievements which resulted in my score not ending in 0’s or 5’s. I need to fix that soon. I unlocked 6 achievements for 189 gamerscore before hitting the hay.

Victorious: Time To Shine graced my Xbox with its presence once again. The Xbox grew a face akin to a talking tree and told me to “Eat shit and die.” I unlocked 18 achievements for 480 gamerscore. I’m only missing two achievements for the completion and what’s holding me back is gold starring a single musical performance with the drums. I have no idea why this is giving me such fits. I even busted out my Rock Band drum sticks to play along with it and that did not help. I have the track stuck in my head and I find myself breaking out in song during the day. It goes something like this “cause its alright, keep it together.” Here, have a listen for yourself.

I also have a Glee song stuck in my head. Actually, two of them. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” and “Marry You”

This is a debilitating disease I need to get control of a.s.a.f.p.

I’ll have another crack at the little drummer boy portion soon.

That put me well over the 14 achievements I needed for the day. I had to continue along to show Kobe that he is good but I’m Tony Danza.

Even though his talk show was cancelled after 10 minutes, he is still and always will be, The boss.

Since my Kinect was all warmed up, even more so than usual due to my cat snuggling up next to it, I decided to keep the Kinectethon rolling by picking Kinect Sports as my next choice. There is some free DLC I picked up off the marketplace, and yes, it does include extra achievements. It’s mostly just new mini-games, which is fine in my book. I unlocked 5 achievements for 120 gamerscore. Kinect Sports is up to 1,500 gamerscore points and I have less than half of those.

Popped In Jillian Micheals to get my 3 consecutive days played achievement. 1 achievement for 15 gamerscore.

Total for Day 8:  30 achievements – 804 gamerscore

Wednesday: Off Day

I got some more time with my player mode on NBA2K12 and I’m making progress in that slowly but surely. It takes a very long time to get all those achievements. It also reminds me of how I need to go back and finish NBA2k11. I still need to plug away on basketball games to fend the vultures off my #1 hoops gamerscore title.

I  topped off Mass Effect 2 by finishing off the Arrival DLC. March can’t come soon enough! Mass Effect 3 comes out then for those that have been living under a rock or don’t care for Mass Effect. How dare you! Mass Effect 2 is the last game that really grabbed me by the balls and said “Play me until the break of dawn.” I was freaking hooked on that game. I’m talking about a peanut butter and jelly everyday hooked. Let me explain that. Screw sleep, screw respsoniblites, screw eating properly, screw showers, and ignore your significant other until you get nagged to death for not spending enough time with them. The stars align and your world revolves around that game for however long it lasts. And this feeling, this joy, rarely happens to me. Maybe three to four times per generation. Getting really hooked on a game is one of the best feelings in life. It’s what I enjoy doing. People feel the same way about movies and books. There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way about a game and thankfully, it’s becoming more acceptable every day that passes.

Popped in Cabela’s: Survival to capture a couple of quickies.

Tried my luck at CHAOS; HEAD NOAH and I’m making good progress. Hopefully the conclusion ends in a completion unlike 11 eyes Cross Over.

So, I was listening to the newest Jalen Rose podcast and he mentioned how he subscribes to Google Alerts about himself. Anytime someone blogs or says something about him over the interwebs, he will find out and hunt you down. I decided to do the same thing for the hell of it.

This little nugget just came in: Killed the “Gamerscore King” Stallion83 in GoldenEye: Reloaded MP”

Well….I haven’t played Goldeneye: Reloaded in a few months now and the guy claims he killed me a few days ago. So if he killed me yesterday, he either did this killing of me in his dreams, there is a Stallion83 impostor on Xbox LIVE, or the dude is just flat out lying. Take your pick.

The Lakers and Kobe take the court again on Thursday and Firday night. Which means more back to back challenge days for me coming Friday and Saturday.

Day 1: Kobe 37pts – Stallion 38 achievements – 805 Gamerscore
Day 2: Kobe 30pts – Stallion 32 achievements – 505 Gamersocre
Day 3: Kobe 39pts – Stallion 44 achievements – 1,035 gamerscore
Day 4: Kobe 26pts – Stallion 40 achievements – 1,145 gamerscore 
Day 5: Kobe 48pts – Stallion 49 achievements – 1,260 gamerscore
Day 6: Kobe 40pts – Stallion 41 achievements – 906 gamerscore
Day 7: Kobe 42pts – Stallion 44 achievements – 790 gamerscore
Day 8: Kobe 42pts – Stallion 42 achievements – 725 gamerscore
Day 9: Kobe 14pts – Stallion 30 achievements – 804 gamerscore
Day 10: Kobe ???  – Stallion???

9 Day Challenge Total: 360 achievements – 8,010 Gamerscore

2012 totals as of 10:50PM EST on January 18th

Start – Current – Total

Gamerscore: 666,666 – 678,604 – 11,938

Achievements: 27694 -28,190 – 496