Stallion Doin’ Work: Day 10 & 11 – CP3 Ain’t Walking Through That Door


Two days in one.

I used the Windows Phone game Text Twist 2 to get my score back to 0’s or 5’s so I can hit 700,000 on the dot. 1 achievement 1 gamerscore. I get a kick out of looking at that game on my card. Bought it for 1 freaking point. smh

Another day of Jillian Michael’s fitness and this time I did work up a good sweat. 10 achievements for 260 gamerscore. The seven remaining achievements in JM will take some effort.

Total for Day 10: 31 achievements – 631 gamerscore

Sunday: Off Day

Not a lot of gaming going on here. Played a single game of NBA2k12 and finished unlocking my last card in Otomedius G for a 200 point achievement and the completion.

Glad to see that Super Bowl XLVI will be a rematch of XLII.

The bar is set for my challenge today,