The Gamerscore Popcast – Episode #24

Are Stallion83, Pigimus Prime, StophJ, Omega Deez, and Phatal1ty all addicted to video games and achievements? A listener question sparks that debate.

  • Gaming Highlights and low-lights of the week: Saints Row The Third Professor Genki DLC, Victorious: Time to Shine, Halo Anniversary, Stoked Big Air Edition, Jillian Micheal’s: Fitness Adventure, Harbor Master, Puss in Boots, Dvinity/arcania, Afro Samurai. 
  • News &New releases: Sign ups for The Gamerscore Popcast Marathon are underway. Go to for all the details. The prizes are great, but the competition and trash talk will be even better. Get some friends together and sign up. It should be a fun year.


The following prizes will be awarded to each member of a team finishing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place:

1st prize: Choice of Xbox 360 S console (any region) or GAEMS G155 case
2nd prize: Choice of Kinect Bundle or two 360 games (price not exceeding US$120)
3rd prize: Choice 1 year of Xbox LIVE Gold or 4000 MSP
  • Bloopers reel 
  • Listener questions

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