The Road to The Million: Going S.A.M. Day: 2,201

  • 6 years, 10 days
  • 190,166,400 seconds
  • 3,169,440 minutes
  • 52,824 hours
  • 314 weeks
  • Total Gamerscore: 657,401
  • Total Achievements: 27,326
  • Total Games Played: 986
  • Total Completed Games: 552

I actually got a few hours of gaming in today but that was early in the AM on Saints Row The Third and Shuffle Party WP7. Played absolutely nothing in the PM except for a few main menus (NCSI and Rex) and a lot of dashboard camping. We need to come up with a better name for dashboard campers. 

Here’s a little random gameplay footage from Saints yesterday. It’s really hard not to love this game. An absolute riot! FIAJ FTW!

Thanks to Omega Deez for the end beat.