The Road to The Million: Going S.A.M. Day: 2,200

  • 6 Years, 9 days
  • 190,080,000 seconds
  • 3,168,000 minutes
  • 52,800 hours
  • 314 weeks

  • Total Gamerscore: 657,351
  • Total Achievements: 27,318
  • Total Games Played: 985
  • Total Completed Games: 552

I think I got on my 360 at about 11:45PM and loaded up Saints Row 3. While I waited for Omega, I booted up my phone and downloaded the free Windows Phone game Shuffle Party. I played that for all of two minutes then probably got about 5 minutes of Saints Row 3 in before the clock struck midnight. I need a single commando kill and one more stage of survival to put a bow on Saints. So roughly 7 minutes of play time today and even less time than that to finish Saints….if I can find a commando to kill.  Send me a game invite if you have commandos to kill in your game.

S.T.A.G You ain’t got no alibi you ugly
Eh! Hey! You ugly

It’s my gamercard, and I’ll cheer if I want to
Cheer if I want to, cheer if I want to
You would cheer too if you were in my shoes

Basically I was told I can’t play Let’s Cheer for Kinect from a friend on live. Said that he would take anyone off his Xbox LIVE friends list that were to play it. I’m here to change his mind.