Dead Rising 2 Co-op Is Broken

I’m extremely disappointing with how the Co-op in Dead Rising 2 turned out. Let’s see, the game will kick the 2nd player when the host saves the game. It still has that lousy freeze time in between saving and loading your game. When I choose which device to save on, I swear it takes a minute to respond. However, the load times seem to be improved over Case Zero, but not by a lot.

It’s just another case of a lazy developer shoving their product out the door. Capcom had to know of these problems, instead, they did what most developers are doing these days. Shitting on your face, then giving you a wet nap (patch) to clean it up down the road. It seems like it’s getting progressively worse as this generation plays out. A disturbing problem that needs to be alleviated before consumers question the point of getting newly released titles. I hate to say it, but waiting to play is now the smart thing to do. You should no longer envy people reviewing a game weeks in advance.