Time to unleash some hurtin’ bombs!

I haven’t completed a single game since September 25th due to the gamerscore league I was in. This upcoming week is make up time. I have a few goals in mind, three to be exact. Monday through Sunday I want to complete 10 games, while gaining 10,000 gamerscore points, and getting 415 achievements. That would put me at 10,000 total achievements. I have no idea if I can do all of this in just 7 days but this will be my big push before I get sucked into Gears of War 2. Tuesday will probably be the biggest day of all. Yes, I am a crazy mo fo.

I picked this video because I started building my hurtin’ bombs 5 weeks ago. I had to counter attack the speed of a player with a lower gamerscore than me. So, with my 250k score, I am basically old Rocky and need hurtin’ bombs to compete in any gamerscore leagues.