Hide! There are zombies out there!

I want to wish everybody a safe and happy Halloween. I wont be doing anything exciting. I’ll probably just lay back and watch a few scary movies and hit up some mini twix bars. I might pop in some Silent Hill if I get in the mood. My egging days are way behind me. I remember one year back in high school I egged this fools house. I was very unlucky because a cop was patrolling the neighborhood at the time. He started chasing me so I had to run into the woods. I ran for miles in the dark. I fell into a huge ditch that was at least 15 feet deep, ran into barb wire fences and brier patches. I was all beat up, but I made it home safely, can’t say the same for the clothing I was wearing. Before you judge, the guys house I egged was a huge prick. Think Brucie from GTA4 in high school. Anybody reading this would want to punch his lights out. Do you know of any good scary movies I should check out? Leave me a comment.