New Windows Phone 7 Games Now Available 1/11/11

Get your zombie on and get smarter this week on WP7

This week on Windows Phone brings you 2 new Xbox Live Games Zombies!!! and Brain Challenge HD.

Zombies!!! – $4.99

Zombies is a turn based strategy card game. It’s a little bit Carcasone and a little bit Band of Bugs. Seems like an ok game so far. Up to 5 player local multiplayer. Not really my kind of game. Seems decent for the price.

Brain Challenge HD – $4.99

Brain Challenge HD is a port of the XBLA title if you enjoy little IQ test mini games or loved the arcade version this game is for you. if you mildly like brain challenge games but not enough to own both on the phone choose this one over more brain exercises. If you aren’t familiar with this type of game try the demo you might find it enjoyable.

ilomilo WP7 now available for non AT&T customers

The Period of exclusivity is over. ilomilo is now available for Windows Phone 7

ilomilo: $4.99

ilomilo is an adorable puzzle game for Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Live Arcade from Swedish developer SouthEnd Interactive.

Gears of War 2 20X XP event

It all goes down during comic-con which starts July 22nd. This will make getting to level 100 a breeze. I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut about people getting to level 100 during normal XP. Karma is a bitch! Now I know how this feels.

I’ll be sure to hold hands with Chromehounds while I’m burning in hell.

Get your MLB 2k10 rare achievement today

The elusive Mid-summer classic achievement is obtainable at this point in MLB 2k10. Run out and get your copy NOW because after today, chances are slim that you will ever be able to get it again. A chance may come around again next year, but you will be playing with fire.

What you must do is log in and play a game of MLB today. You will be playing with all stars. Simple as that.

Gears of War 2 8X XP starts tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder that starting July 1st Gears of War 2 will kick off 8X XP weekend which goes on until the 7th.

Go get that easy XP while it lasts. Some extremely long achievements are tied to getting XP, I still need the level 100 myself.

I wonder what they will have in store next? Play Gears of War 2 and get free money weekend? At this rate that may just happen.

I feel really bad for the folks that went from 1 to 100 during normal XP. HAHAHAHAHA LOLOLOLOLOLOL pwned like this.