New Windows Phone 7 Games Now Available 1/11/11

Get your zombie on and get smarter this week on WP7

This week on Windows Phone brings you 2 new Xbox Live Games Zombies!!! and Brain Challenge HD.

Zombies!!! – $4.99

Zombies is a turn based strategy card game. It’s a little bit Carcasone and a little bit Band of Bugs. Seems like an ok game so far. Up to 5 player local multiplayer. Not really my kind of game. Seems decent for the price.

Brain Challenge HD – $4.99

Brain Challenge HD is a port of the XBLA title if you enjoy little IQ test mini games or loved the arcade version this game is for you. if you mildly like brain challenge games but not enough to own both on the phone choose this one over more brain exercises. If you aren’t familiar with this type of game try the demo you might find it enjoyable.