Daily Update: 9/7

What I’ve been up to and the games I’ve been playing.

We also joined the x360a gamerscore league as a podcast. It’s a yearly event that usually takes place from mid September unitl the end of October. The victor is generally the squirrel
that stores up the most nuts during the year. Squirrel = Gamer Nuts = Easy Gamerscore games. We will get rolled on but not because of me. SHOTS FIRED!!!

Speaking of roll, I’m on one with my work-out schedule. I think I’ve only missed one day out of the last two weeks. Not that I haven’t tried to be this consistent in the past, just nagging little injuries here and there kept me down and out for a while over the past few years.

I laughed pretty hard at this message. Just picturing it in my head made it even better.

You’ve probably already seen this Gangnam style video. If you haven’t, it’s a must watch

That’s exactly how I dance.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.