Gamerscore Popcast – Ep.55: Born in The U.S.A.

Appearing on this show: Stallion83Omega Deez, and Rand al Thor 19

  • Gaming Highlights and Low Lights of the week: Sleeping Dogs, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, Phelps, JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure, The Expendables 2 and more.
  • News, Rumors and New Releases: Rand breaks down all the latest news and rumors.
  • Listener Challenge:  This week it’s Team Listeners vs Team Popcast and a winner is crowned.  Enter for the next round of ” The Listener Challenge” and beyond on our Facebook Page by entering your gamertag anywhere on the wall. All gamertags submitted will stay entered in the random drawing for a to-be-determined period of time.
  • Listener Questions
  • Week to week scoring

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Daily Update 8-25

Accomplished exactly what I set out to do today. Completed a game and completed a portion of another. I talk some games, set some goals and answer some messages.

What I played and the achievements I unlocked:
Here’s a brief All Your Messages Are Belong To Me

Thanks for checking the show out! I’m not in the beta but what I’ve heard about the IE app, I do not like. No video support? Blah.

 Thanks for the support. Tell your KUZ, SUP.

 Someone seems a little self-conscious about their GS? 😛

Go HAM or go home. 
Gamerscore goals for 8-26
1) Finish the Transformers: FoC multiplayer achievements
2) Get the majority of FoC campaign done
Until tomorrow, Peace.

Daily Update 8-24-2012

I put more points up today over yesterday thanks to one VERY pricey XBLA game. Also recorded Ep.55 of the Gamerscore Popcast which will be up sometime this weekend, possibly tomorrow. There’s three great new titles out, all of which are begging for my time. Two from what I know are great and one from what I hear is great: Darksiders II, Transformers: FoC and Sleeping Dogs. An amazing start to what looks to be a great end of summer/fall gaming season. I think I’ll complete Transformers first. At least it’s looking that way.

What I played:

An alright day in my book, but now it’s off to watch some Netflix with the old lady or whatever you call somebody you’ve been in a relationship with for almost 8 years. How I met your mother is the show and sadly, we are almost caught up to the new shows.
Checking to see if I have any good messages to leave you with.


I’m looking for a partner for Brink Japan or Never Dead. Both quality titles and by quality I mean it. Really.


Thanks! You’re welcome, but get out while you still can!!!!


I told this guy I would give him a trophy in All your voices #3 and he actually believed me.

The modder is back and more red than ever!!! Neither


Talk to you tomorrow kids.