Daily Update 8-27 – Mr. Roboto

Another day spent with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

No Stone Unturned

Investigate a sinister conspiracy.


  1. Under Pressure
    Uncover an ancient secret.


  2. Conspiracy Theorist
    Use clues to pinpoint the exact location of an objective.


  3. Family Matters
    Rescue a civilian from Reaper forces.


The Walking Dead Episode 3 is coming out on Wednesday and I’m DYING to get into that. Sudden onslaught of gaming goodness, even if it’s mini chunks.

All Your Messages are Belong to Me.

Simple. I’m not a big fan of Soccer games. I don’t hate them, I just find them boring after a few hours. I have around 10 Soccer games on my card though.

I would make more if I had the time. I need an assistant. 🙂

Somewhere between 0 and 24 hours.

Later dudes and the very few dudettes.