Trittion Trigger Headset Review

I got a nice hefty box in the mail yesterday that contained these bad boys.

That’s the

It’s a box! I didn’t cut my finger trying to get it out so that’s a plus!

A few specs:
These are wired stereo headphones for game audio and also feature a flexible mic for game or party chat.

Wired they are, but fear not! The wire is plenty long giving you a whole 14 feet of length. I have a large room and it worked out fine.

It comes with everything you need to hook it up on your Xbox 360 (pics below) and they are powered by the USB you plug into the console. It’s very easy to hook up and get going, it only took me 4 minutes to get everything working properly.

First thing I noticed was how comfortable the headset was when I put it on my head. They are not big and bulky like some and are very light weight. I gamed for at least a few non-stopped hours and I forgot they were even on my head. It features adjustable head room that will accommodate the largest of heads and swiveling ear pieces just in case you want to put them around your neck more comfortably. Comfort factor is off the charts with these. I think the overall look is a very appealing and the glossy black matches most of my entertainment electronics.

The ear pieces have a nice soft feel to them, one of the many touches that make them so comfortable.

I bet your wondering how they sound? I was pleasantly surprised by how good the quality is for a cheaper set. I’m a surround sound guy all the way and I need my 5.1 Dolby in games or I’m just not interested. Audio is just as important as graphics in a game to me. These cut the mustard. They sound really clear and crisp, but unfortunately, lack punch in the bass department. If you don’t have sound equipment or you’re not use to gaming with headphones on, these are sure to impress. If you are using regular old TV speakers, you are missing out on a lot my friends.

More soft cushion for the top of your head.

This mic is awesome! It’s very flexible and durable. It will also move up and out of the way seen below. I tested the voice chat and was told that  I sounded better and louder. The voices were clearer and louder on my end as well.

Xbox 360 on the top.

Here is where the volume controls lie.

Left adjustment is for game audio, right is for voice.

Mute your mic and place for your mic in.

Enables you to voice chat with your buddies over Xbox LIVE.

Stick the male end into your TV. Then stick your white and red audio cables from your Xbox 360 into the female end. Simple.

USB for powering the headphone.

14 feet of wire.

For HDMI use.

Everything that comes in the box.

If you’re looking for a headset that boasts comfort and quality at a reasonable price, these more than do the trick. I think you’ll be happy by what you get for the money ($49.99) They won’t be the best sounding on the market or the worst, but they might be the most comfortable. They also look damn good too. I’d use these set day and night in a heart beat.

I’ll have my review for the Detonators tomorrow. It’s suppose to be in a class above the Triggers retailing for $79.99. I’ll also give a good comparison of all three (Trigger, Detonator, and Primer) once the dust settles. And a video comparison.

I can’t possibly use 3 headsets so I’m going to give one away after I’m done testing and reviewing them.