[WORLD-WIDE GIVEAWAY ***CLOSED***] Guess The Achievement I Use For 700,000 Gamerscore and Win A Sweet Prize Package Worth $140

Giveaway is closed!

Winner will be announced shortly after I hit 700k. Good luck to everyone that entered!
Thanks to Vat 19, EvilControllers, and XtendPlay for supplying some of the prizes.

All you need to do is guess the exact achievement I use to get 700,000 gamerscore with to win this awesome prize package.

I may not be able to give you gamerscore points but here are the 5 things I can offer to the winner.

1) A retail Xbox 360 game of your choice!

2) The World’s Largest Gummy Worm!

“The World’s Largest Gummy Worm is 128 times more massive than a traditional gummy worm. Measuring twenty-six inches long and weighing in at approximately 3 pounds, the World’s Largest Gummy Worm is the most delicious 4,000-calorie candy worm in existence.”

Check out other curiously awesome videos and products like the 26-pound gummy bear or Das Beer Boot at VAT19.com

3) Evil Controllers T-shirt!

Known for their modified controllers which come in all different colors and variations such as this skull/Gears 3 one with bullets for face buttons. Pure awesome!  A ridiculous amount of customization is at your finger tips when choosing to build your own. The controllers are also fully compatible with XtendPlay since the Evil Controller use the same casing as standard Xbox 360 controllers.

4) An XtendPlay featuring TrueControl Technology!

Yeah, that is my mug on the front of the website because I fully endorse XtendPlay and have for 15 months now. It may look odd but it works freaking great for enhancing your stability, promoting relaxing positions, and allows you to manipulate the buttons on your controller better than ever. If the winner wants his/her XtendPlay signed, I’ll oblige.

5) 1,600 Microsoft points! (Or the equivalent amount in your territory.)

Because everyone needs more points!

Remember to leave your guess in the comments below on which achievement I will use for 700,000 gamerscore and the game that achievement is from as well as your gamertag so I can contact you. All very important.

Games, points, clothing, playing better, and world’s largest treat? Someone is going to be a lucky duck.

Good Luck!

One winner will be chosen. If there is more than one winner I’ll use random.org to narrow it down to a single winner.

This is a World Wide giveaway so have at it. One guess per gamertag.

Tentative end date: March 13th.