All Your Messages Are belong To Me – Deluxe Edition

Q: I didnt know it would actually be true but your my inspiration on xbox ive seen profiles with 1,000,000 gamerscore but they were modders but im glad your not one but you got it fair
A: I definitely earned everything on my own so I do take great pride in what I have accomplished.

Q: I love you i want kids from/with you we both are mens but someone of us can make a transformation to a women 😀 I hope you are love me 2. 😀 😀
A: Friends don’t let friends drink and text.

Q: Hey whats up, was wondering if you still have fear 1 and 2. Im trying to gather people for online gameplay.
A: drinking coffee, typing a message to you. I still have Fear 1.

Q: love your video!
A: Thank you! You’re gamepic is from Saints Row 3 so I guess you are referring to

Q: hey whats up dude im a big fan and im just saying that im gonna try to beat your score cause i like gamer score too and im trying to be on top
A: 2050 will pass and you’ll have about 50k.

Q: hey dude how good ur my player on 2k PS I LIKE YOUR GAMERSCORE!!!!! :}
A: 80 something. If my gamerscore had feelings it would probably like you back.

Q: Dear-Stallion83 i just wanted to know how many days it took u to get all those achievements. Sincerely- HotSouce78 P.S if u could please reply to this message it would make my day thank for ur time.
A: 2,274 days, 324 weeks, 54,576 hours, 3,274,560 minutes, 196,473,600 seconds. I’m tired.

Q: First of all i must admit I am very nervous 🙁 Because I’ve never talked to you before but i want you to ask If you could be my friend because I love you and i Respect your Gamerscore very much. I Hope you can answer me.
Dear Raphael

and By the way should I help you getting 100% in Modern warfare 3 or Battlefield 3?
A: thanks for the offer man but I’m good on both.

Q: booyah fucker! changed my gamertag. u like?
A: meh. You wasted 10 dollars.

Q: Make a new vid @ 700k

A: I will.

Q: plz can u make some space on your friends list and add me oh and congratz for makin it to the one million mark

Q: Do not release, courage for 1000000
A: I shall not waver

Q: I <3 YOU

A: I < 3 you back. 3 is greater than 1 btw. I know maths.

Q:  do you really have over 300k gamerscore?!

Q: What all can you mod?
A: I can modify a piece of paper into a paper airplane.

Q: Hey. I follow you on twitter and on THE potcast stallion doing work. I hope u accept THE friend request.

A: I can promise you that there is no pot being smoked while recording the popcast. But I can see why you would think that.

Q: Hello my gamertag is Starkiller2497 and I am a fan of yours! I think I sent you a friend request but I am not for sure it worked. Although I am only 14 I have a goal of my own! Right now I am at 6265 gamerscore but my goal is to get 100,000! Someday!
A: I hope you make it there man! 100k feels good.

Q: how did you beat alvin and the chipmunks3 chipwrecked? I’m having trouble getting 5 stars on a couple of songs. any advice will be greatly appreciated.

A: The quick answer: I have not.

Q: are they doing a midnight release on tuesday?
A: vague much?