The Road to The Million: Going H.A.M. Day: 2,198

  • 6 years, 7 days
  • 189,907,200 seconds
  • 3,165,120 minutes
  • 52,752 hours
  • 314 weeks

Total Gamerscore: 657,286
Total Achievements: 27,313
Total Games Played: 983
Total Completed Games: 552

I really can’t say I went H.A.M at all today and this mini cold isn’t helping but I’m trying to power through it. I feel like I’m about to hit a scoring slump but I’m trying to counteract that, I just don’t know how. A light gun game sans a light gun is probably not helping since it’s basically a big heaping pile of fail. I’m talking about Cabela’s Survival: SoK and that is what I tried to play today. It plays like crap without the gun and really is no fun and the actual story mode is a joke in length. It’s different from the other cabela’s games, both a good and a bad thing, as there’s a lot of clambering/shimming up icy rocks. I probably ended up getting a few hundred points today just going through the motions. There are a lot of achievements tied to the shooting gallery portion and that seems even less fun without the gun.

Moral of the story: get the damn light gun to play this game, it was the way it was intended to be played. The problem I have is this; I haven’t gotten a new light gun in roughly 24 years. Is there a way to convert the zapper male end to USB? There needs to be. You can’t hold those new guns with a side grip, the only way I roll.