Achievement Bounty 10-27-2010

Achievement Bounty 10-27-2010 (22) (375GS)
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Chaos Xing says: Please trademark the phrase “My Hero Hammer” and use it at appropriate times. I’ll have to find a way to say that to my girlfriend, but I’ll be hindered by my lack of the dude package. -ChaosXing, still the #1 lesbian fan.
Hot Tip for Fable III: Comes from Gamertag: KillerBEA X
*minor spoilers*
“When you become king, if you want to save time and a playthrough be a douchebag tyrant. Even that wont quite be enough you will need 800k more so upgrade any job to level 5. use that money to buy property. You will gain money from your property. Spend that earnings on better property. In about 2-3 hours of doing this i have earned over 300k. 10 k every time I do lute hero. Money wont be an issue after a while.”
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