A Day In The Life: Fable III

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10:20PM — The winner with a right on the money guess of 305 is: Gamertag: OzarkSavage Congrats man! Remember, spend 2,400 Microsoft points this month, you get 800 back. I would take advantage of that. Your code will be sent over live in about 20 seconds. Thanks for entering.

10:17PM — Well, I can’t embed it, but

 6:09PM — Firing up Star Wars: Force Unleashed II to check that out. Getting something to eat first.

5:16PM — Got that all done with. I was going to exercise more but there’s not a lot of time left in the day. Going to make some phone calls then hop in the shower. Star Wars when I get out. Rand, I am your father.

5:000PM — Was working on getting some strange in fable III

 4:59PM — Moving on to dips

4:45PM — Done with that now doing pull ups. Still at 105gs for the day, I’m really not sure how much I will get today.
4:35PM — Starting off with some bench press, I have really sore wrists today.

4:23PM — I’m really enjoying Fable III, getting addicted to it.  I am going to work out before I get too hooked. I’ll try Star Wars out here in a bit.

3:01PM — Okay, back to some Fable III. Might try Star Wars in a little bit while I wait for Omega. Speaking of Omega and V8. I’m surprised I like V8, as I HATE tomatoes. Where does Omega fit into this? One of the reasons why I hate tomatoes is because Omega’s brother tried to shove one down my throat at a produce stand. I threw up everywhere. I was like 10, he was like 30. Asshole.

2:56PM — If my count is correct, I am at 105gs for the day so far.

2:54 PM Two tacos (not fast food) Yogurt, and V8. Centrum vitamin.

11:17AM — Heard nothing good on the radio while I was out.

11:12AM — Fable III is rated M and has blood, language, sexual content, use of alcohol, and violence. Star Wars: The force unleashed II is rated T and has Violence.  All about the violence today, I guess I should have gotten Rock Band 3 for some peace and harmony. 

11:09AM — Back with Fable III and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. I’m going to install those while I eat.

10:07AM — (4) for (40gs) in VA. Getting ready to pick up Fable III and maybe something else, who knows.

9:42AM — My starting score for the day was 501,948.

9:34AM — (1) for (10gs) in VA. Going to go pick up Fable III within the hour. Still drinking coffee and water.
9:09AM — (1) for (20gs) In Velvet Assassin JP. Sorry Marx0r. 🙁

8:52AM — There is still around 4 hours left to lock in your guess for a chance to win the points.

8:42AM — I’m sure most of you guys have already played it. If it helps one person out, then that’s good enough for me. About to fire Velvet up.

 8:35AM — Sadly the capture card that I ordered about a month ago won’t ship out until tomorrow. I can however play in standard definition and give you some videos. Velvet Assassin tips anyone? I can do a run through of a level to show you how the majority of the game is done with the God mode activated.

8:32AM — Checking some messages

8:30 AM tiny Cinnamon Raisin bagel and a cup of coffee

8:15AM — So I hear you get sweet equipment in Fable III based on how high your gamerscore is. I wonder what the ceiling is for the best equipment? My guess would be 100k.

 8:11AM — I watched Shutter Island before I feel asleep last night…Pretty good movie, not great, but good.

8:07AM — Making the usual pot of coffee and giving Miss Mittens a good petting.

7:56AM — Trying to wake myself up, still very tired.

Time is up! Thanks for Entering!

Here is how I will give away the 1600 Microsoft points.

How many gamerscore points will I score during a day in the life with Fable III?  
Make your guess on this post.
You must include a valid gamertag with your guess.
One guess per person
Everyone is eligible no matter where you live as long as you have a valid gamertag.  
The deadline to enter is 1:00PM EST on 10-26-2010.
If nobody guesses correctly it will go to the person with the closest guess. If there happens to be a tie, I will draw names out of a hat.
Now, it is total gamerscore for all games I play today, not just gamerscore obtained on Fable III. 

Good luck.


Winner will also be announced tomorrow.

From KaibaChaos
“You might want to also note that the points are region locked. Not that it’s too much of a problem getting an American account though.”