Silenced The Haters

The new dashboard must have a hater auto detection system built in because the haters have been silenced and my inbox isn’t full of their nonsense. I figured it was something to bring up since those types of messages have completely disappeared from my posts over the last couple of weeks. I guess my approach to the entire thing worked out for me. Over the course of time I’ve been asked why I post mostly hate messages. Easy, because it’s funny to me and I really don’t give a shit what some faceless, nameless, gamertag says about me. I’m not afraid to let everyone read what is said. I could hide the hate and post sappy love letters, but I won’t hide the fact that a ton of people hate me. Just look at the comments section on some of the blog posts. There are a ton of hate messages and I could delete every last one of them, but I don’t.

There was a good amount of hate over the last couple of years and now it’s just dead. Don’t get me wrong, I love not having that, just wondering what changed. I’m going to sleep now and when my head hits my comfy pillow, a smirk will arise like the morning sun on my face because I know I’ve defeated every last one of you mother fuckers. Even if you crop back up, it will no longer matter. I have done the impossible. Silenced the haters.

I already regret writing that.

Gone Fishin’

Once again it was a very disappointing day in achievement land. I played a little bit of The Strike today and it seems like a decent fishing game so far.
HOT TIP: for The Strike: Comes from Gamertag: Totally Krispix
hey just the heads up but when u unlock the invitational tourneys u don’t have to play them. think they are 20 mins long for each of the 5..u can just sit there. don’t even have to catch anything.

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All your messages are belong to me – Xbox Live message of the day

Boomshott writes: ok thank u so much for talking to me ur my idol. i cant play that cuz im in high school. ive had my account for two weeks i appreciate u taking the time to talk . ill never delete the messages

Be My Future Xbox Live Friend

Achievement Bounty 9-24-2010

I really didn’t accomplish much today even though it looks like a decent bounty. Most of it was done while I was sleeping.  You can set up a turbo controller to have Karaoke Revolution: AI Encore 2 run back the same song as long as your heart desires. Doing so makes getting the 200 platinum and 25 million achievements a breeze. We got the next Podcast all recorded, so look for that in a few days. 

Not sure how many messages I’ve received over time about wanting to be on my Xbox live friends list and I really do feel bad about denying you. As you may know, the limit is 100 friends and I’ve been at the limit since 2006. 🙁 Here’s the deal, if Microsoft does up the friends limit, I want the people that have been following me from the beginning to be on it. I will throw up a discussion topic about it on my FaceBook page. All you have to do is say ADD ME and put your Gamertag. I already know what’s going to happen when that day comes, so I’m just getting prepared for it. Alternatively, you can send me a 4,000 Microsoft point card or a big bag of beef jerky to get on it now. muhahahaha…kidding btw.

Change Your Passion For Glory

Achievement Bounty 9-23-2010

A rocky inspired achievement gained through an American Idol game? Not sure how this one got by me, but once Trueachievements gets revived that sucker is going in my case. Not changing my stance on avatar items, but I will buy some Rocky items if they ever become available. So, Kobe jersey and Rocky clothing is as far as I’m willing to go. Do any of you spend more money on avatar clothing than real clothing? I’d like to hear that story.

Unedited Audio Diary

NBA 2k11 Player Ratings Revealed: Kobe Is Rolling Over In His Grave

The majority of the NBA2k11 player ratings were released today. Kobe, Lebron, and Wade sit at the top of the NBA 2k mountain with a 97 rating. Not really a surprise there and I do think Wade and LeBron are 97’s. Both Wade and LeBron are extremely talented and gifted ballers and perhaps they are slowly creeping up on Kobe while he ages. But let’s be real, could Wade or LeBron do what Kobe did last season with a broken index finger on their shooting hand? HELL NO! I came to that conclusion by taking their past injuries into account and how they reacted. Right before the injury bug hit Kobe, he was playing the best basketball I have ever witnessed. The injuries slowed him down a lot, but he did what he had to do, to win it all. He could of just let off the gas and used the injuries as an excuse, but he somehow converted pain into motivation. That is the kind of thing that separates him from the pack.

Guess there is no real way to give ratings for will, determination, focus and other attributes that cannot be determined. Kobe is off the charts in those categories, only matched by few in NBA history. Yeah, maybe I’m biased on this subject, but in 2006 I was sitting in American Airlines Arena watching the Heat beat the Pistons in the conference finals championship. I have D-wade’s shoes, my girlfriend has his jersey, heck, I even have a Wade bobble head. Wade and LeBron are awesome, but come on. I’m not trying to say who to be a fan of, I just think it’s clear cut who the best is. The best individual basketball player of all time is either; A: Kobe or B: Michael. GOAT vs. GOAT. Kobe is just one shy of MJ…..

Other notable player ratings:

Chris Paul (95) At least they got the best point guard right.

Kevin Durant (91) The guy that will probably carry the torch.

Carmelo Anthony (93)

Rajon Rondo (87) vs. Derrick Rose (85)

Deron Williams (92)

John Wall (81)

Brandon Roy (88)

Gimpy vs. Gimpy Greg Oden (75) vs. Bynum (77)

Top big men Tim Duncan (90) Pau Gasol (89) Dwight Howard (88)

Dirk Nowitzki (83) underrated!

Steve Nash (85)

For the full list of all starter ratings check HERE

Check out NBA2k11 Demo on the Xbox Live marketplace and check out the full retail game when it hits stores October 5th.