Achievement Bounty 7-26-2010

Prison Break was on my list as one of the easiest games that I’ve yet to take on. It is really easy, but also very boring. Never watched the show, but the game is no good.

Achievement Bounty 7-25-2010

Wolfenstien had this terrible game ending glitch when it first came out and it hit me hard. It would just lock up on the load screen when trying to progress, nothing seemed to work. I only had two levels to go when this devil bug struck and I didn’t want to start over. I thought the glitch would be taken care of in a timely manner because of how devastating it was to the game. Well, they fixed it. I’m happy about it. I got the rest of my stuff done, now I just have to go back and beat it with dying less than 3 times. Not sure if I will tackle that now or later. One thing that struck me while playing this again, I need to play a good FPS shooter asap. I would consider Wolfenstien a good FPS, I just want more.

The Party Chat Podcast * Coming real soon*

Last night Fro, Omega, Rand, and myself recorded the first episode of the Party Chat Podcast. It was recorded, of course, in an xbox live party chat. TBD how the sound quality will be. It didn’t go without fault. We lost the final 40 or so minutes, so we still have to go back and wrap it up sometime today. Not sure exactly how long it was, but it was long. Look for that within the next few days.

Bi-weekly was the plan, but we are trying to push Fro to get one out every week. Look for lots of guests and other things coming soon.

Majinfro is doing all the leg work with the editing and omega is providing the beats.

Sample of the intro.

Achievement Bounty 7-24-2010

Not too much going on. This is the kind of crap I play when there is nothing good out. The fall line-up can’t come quick enough.