Almost there

While looking through my card I noticed a ton of games that are almost completed. I just need a few achievements . I like moving on to new games, but I do get in the mood to go back and complete my half baked games.

The closer than close list. 1 achievement needed to complete the game 100%

American Wasteland- Complete the game 100%

Japanese version of Import Tuner Challenge-Defeated ???

Smackdown vs Raw 2007- In ring Technician

Jetpack Refueled- You can stop now!

Assault Heroes- Lair Slayer

Live Score Tracker- Log in on a Saturday game

Big Bumping- Mine

Armored core 4- Mission Rank SS

Gyruss– Reaching Earth

Time Pilot- Perfection

Splinter Cell Double Agent-Complete the game on hard

Saints Row 2- 30 online badges

Sonic- Fast Win

Street Trace NYC- 8 player award

Streets of Rage 2- High Score of 800k

Super Puzzle Fighter HD Remix- 7 chain combo

The Club- 10,001 kills

Tiger woods 08- Accumulate 5,000 gamernet points

Unreal Tournament 3- Like the back of my hand

Bulletwitch-Complete hell Difficulty (1 pt achievement) I have two different versions at 999.

Heavy Weapon- Freedom’s Last Stand

Paperboy- Complete an easy week

Fifa world cup 2006- Complete all challenges

Catan-1,000 total victory points

Brothers in Arms- Play the game on September 17th

Astropop– Brick Grinder

Bioshock– Brass Balls DLC achievement

Bionic heroes- 100% game completion

Aegis Wing- Ace achievement

Wartech– Play 1,000 ranked games

Forza 2- Earn 1,000,000 Online credits

Those 32 achievement would give me another 32 completed games. I didn’t include some games that added content where I only need 1 achievement for the original 1,000 or 200. On top of that, I have even more games where I just need 2 or 3 achievements. Easily 50 games or better.