Head to Head Gamerscore League Season 4 over at consoleheroes comes to a screeching hault in day two of the playoffs.

The commissioner of the league decided to end the event due to arguments within the forums. Before he came to that decision, my teammate Majinfro was taken out of the line-up and all of his points were forfeited for the entire match. For what? For arguing a rule, that may have been bent. Majinfro didn’t bend any rules, the other team may or may not have. They came up with a better solution of docking MajinFro 1,500 gamerscore points. WRONG! There was no need to end it, there was no need to dock any gamers, any points. I just can’t believe how it all went down and was handled.

So, 7 weeks down the drain. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun for the first 7, but without the payoff it was a failure. There is no question The MachiNe Team would’ve won it all. Cru x360a was supplying four of us with a ton of games. Thanks CRU! I was prepping points for about 5 weeks. My teammates were doing the same. Ex. I have Earth Defense Force almost done, just need to beat the last level on inferno for 500 points. 10 mins, 500 points. The last time I counted I had roughly a 5,000 point stack. The first day of the finals I would’ve scored somewhere between 5-6 thousand points and my teammates would’ve been right there with me. I’ll probably drop a lot of my points this tuesday.

I like consoleheroes and I want them to grow into a nice big site. I just can’t recommend their GSL to anybody. I don’t think anyone could ever convince me it is a good one since it suddenly ended, at the very end.

Universal Leaderboards, badges, and majority of the site members and mods=Consoleheroes
H2H GSL=Consolezeros
Stallion83, Smrnov, Omega Deez, MajinFro, and Apple x360a=MachiNes.