Shower Thinker

As I was bathing the other day it suddenly dawned on me that I may one day hit 1 million gamerscore. That’s 7 digits! If I cross that mark will it be like the y2k scare? Possibly break the system? Nothing that exciting will happen I’m afraid. My account will probably just get lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

Then I got to thinking what achievement would I want to get when a MILLION comes around. I think it would have to be a real crowd pleaser. The epic idea I came up with while in the shower was to play Eye of the Tiger on expert in Rock Band 2, with my eyes closed, while being at the top of the famous steps in the Rocky movies. Getting it done flawlessly, of course, for the flawless fret work achievement and 1 million gamerscore. I am a huge rocky fan, so to me, that be would be my epic omgwtfbbq moment.

That day is much too long away.