Saturday, September 8, 2012

Daily Update: 9/7

What I've been up to and the games I've been playing.

Actually, this is for the last two days of gaming. I haven't given up on doing daily blogs long-term, I just needed to focus on getting some things done. I'm shooting to release the video that I've been putting together on Monday. Although, I haven't tinkered with it in a few days, but that's only so I could refocus on it once I went back. Monday/Tuesday is my best guess.

The Popcast should be on schedule this week - look for the usual Sunday release. Check it on Itunes if that is your bag.

We also joined the x360a gamerscore league as a podcast. It's a yearly event that usually takes place from mid September unitl the end of October. The victor is generally the squirrel
that stores up the most nuts during the year. Squirrel = Gamer Nuts = Easy Gamerscore games. We will get rolled on but not because of me. SHOTS FIRED!!!

Speaking of roll, I'm on one with my work-out schedule. I think I've only missed one day out of the last two weeks. Not that I haven't tried to be this consistent in the past, just nagging little injuries here and there kept me down and out for a while over the past few years.

Madden NFL 13

LAST PLAYED 9/6/2012



Madden sales are killing it! These achievements may kill you!

Mini Ninjas Adventures

LAST PLAYED 9/6/2012



Went back to finish this off after a good two month hiatus. Surprised at how quick it was to finish off this final achievement. All you need to do is kill the final boss about 7 or 8 times after completing the game to get the final skill points you need. Each Boss run takes about 5 mins tops. Simple and quick Kinect only title for $10. Did I mention it has 400 GAMERSCORE tied to it?

Sleeping Dogs™

LAST PLAYED 9/7/2012



Liking this so far but I'm not going to put it on the level with Saints Row The Third just yet. The melee combat is cool, the playground looks sharp, it's just lacking polish in certain areas. The driving feels kind of janky to me. I'll see it through to the end because it has my attention. I want to play it.

And no! You crazy vendor person, I do not want your Pork.

All Your Messages Are Belong To MEEEEE

One worth posting today.  SIDE NOTE: I don't condone violence.

I laughed pretty hard at this message. Just picturing it in my head made it even better.

You've probably already seen this Gangnam style video. If you haven't, it's a must watch

That's exactly how I dance.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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