Sunday, September 2, 2012

Daily Update 9/1 - Slothie Style

A very unproductive day for gamerscore.
Happy September! I'm so glad summer is almost over since I'm a fall kinda guy. Love it! Has something to do with the chill in the air and my favorite sports starting back up. Might also have something to do with the massive amount of games that are released. There's just something about fall that lures me in, heck, it even smells better outside. I am personally more at ease and happiest during the fall. 22nd is the first day of fall in the US for those wondering and I know exactly what I'll be playing that day without thinking too much about it. Borderlands 2. Cannot freaking wait! See, now you want fall to come just as badly as I do because who in there right mind doesn't want borderlands like right now? Crazy people, that's who.

Virtually sitting on 750,000 gamerscore so it's only a matter of time before I hit the milestone I finally got an idea for a video but now the tricky part is getting it all together in a timely fashion.750,000.00.

I should have that video up on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Gamerscore Popcast ep56 will go up a little later today so be on the lookout for that as well.

The games I played and the achievement I unlocked

  1. Madden NFL 13

    Madden NFL 13

    LAST PLAYED 9/2/2012
    55% complete



    LAST PLAYED 9/1/2012
    42% complete

  3. Netflix


    LAST PLAYED 9/1/2012
    This title has no achievements.

  4. Roll in the Hole

    Roll in the Hole

    LAST PLAYED 9/1/2012
    55% complete

  5. 160 lollipops
    160 lollipops
    Collect 160 lollipops.
    20 UNLOCKED ON SAT, 01 SEP 2012 18:52:52

Only a single 20 point achievement unlocked and very little progress towards anything else. More How I Met your Mother on mans greatest invention, Netflix.

Gaming Goals for 9/1
Nothing at all. 50 gamerscore perhaps? (Just a measly 20)

Gaming Goals for 9/2
Can't see myself doing much at all.


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