Sunday, August 7, 2011

All Your Messages Are Belong To Me

Hey, I know you are busy with.. well.. being awesome but I was just wondering what game I should get next to 100%. I want something fun this time that is at the same time a little bit easy. If you have the time, reply to this, if not I'll understand.


i have heard so much about you and finally got to chance to play with you good game, though but for some reason you left or perhaps disconnected somehow anyways good luck to achieve your goal of 1 millions gamescore goal

are there even enough games out at the moment to get 1mill gs? if so i wish you luck either way your crazy achievement hunter lol :)

S83: Yep, there's enough games out there to reach it.

Just found an article about your 1 million gamerscore over at G4's website witch is an old lol, you said you would get to 1 mill around 2015 and your 598mil just wonderin but have you changed that time estimate?

S83: Yeah, probably 2014 now.

hey man im a 12 yr old gamer that really looks up to u as an idol congrats on nearly 600,000 gscore!!!

thank you changed my life

Cw Icecold
and greetings from russia and germany :D

TempLe Dihzy
You have the golden ticket!, Now run boy!, Run as fast as you can!.

and how much of this "gamerscore" is hacked??

no offense to u, i know ur trying to get the record but plz why not do it legit? everyone knows the only way for someone to get 600k is to be on xbl 24/7 since it came out or to hack so plz dont lie to everyone, especially ppl who work hard for GS

S83: None of it. 100% legit and 100% on my own. I've been under the microscope since the very beginning since I was very proactive about why people would cheat in the first place.

Your amazing. Keep up the good work! I belive in you!!

Bond OO7
Hey stal, u lost something?

S83: Don't choke on that thing baby bond.

dude i saw ur video on youtube. Ur a BOSSSS!!! props on da gamerscore and we should play some games together if u want

Tu es le meilleur (you are the best) !!!

Ok two things. First of all congratz brah. And 2nd BF3 VS MW3. Whos gonna win the biggest FPS battle in years? Or ever for that matter. Sincerly Mr Conker.

S83: I'm team battlefield. That's not to say I don't like Modern Warfare,  I just think Battlefield is more fun online.

Desire is Pro
Congrats, on another huge milestone. That's crazy man, 600,000!? Keep it up.

The Way ii Am
howd did u play angry birds

Chris VVebby
How did u play angry birds Please answer

S83: If you get a windows phone 7 you can download games and get gamerscore from the Xbox LIVE enabled ones. Those come standard with 200 gamerscore points.

JC Joystick
Congrats on 600,000 GS stallion! Think of it as you are now well over half-way towards your 1m GS goal, it is like the week, you are over the wednesday hill and now freewheel it down to friday and 1m GS...

wanted to let u know well done for getting 600000 gamerscore you are amazing

Spanky OO7
congrats!!! ur my role model lol

you are an inspiration

Holy tits your almost to 1,000,000G! keep up the good work! :D

Good luck bro. I'm pullin' for ya. GO CELTICS!

S83: I was like :) then I was like :( 
But then I was like :) because I've had the final laugh.

 shamon 360
don't know how u did it but congratulations on the 1 million

S83: Premature Congratulation?

not to be a stange person i just wanted u to send me a message so i could get to ur profile to compare games im an achicemnts freak and i just wanted to see not to be weird

S83: Not strange, happens all the time. I'm not sure why Microsoft makes it so hard for people to interact with others on Xbox LIVE. I'm pretty sure there is a flaw if I have to send you a message so you can view my profile on the Xbox itself. I don't get it.

QuiCkz AleX
HyYou're GREAT please add me to your friend listThanks

S83: You're gonna have to complain to Microsoft about this one....I'm at the point where I would need to betray my current friends to gain new ones. It has been that way since 2006.

aRdInHo NC
xD hey stallion im ITALIAN guy i like ur style im a boxer too!!! ROCKY THE BEST!! XD i hope u accept my request!! :) see you soon in live :D


  1. congratulations on reaching 600k GS. i would suggest DW6:empires, DW5:empires, SW2:empires, warriors orochi, warriors orochi 2, FOTNS: ken's rage and DW7. they aren't that hard to 1000. also DW6 and SW2 for at least 800 GS

  2. That might be too much DW for my liking. Do the newer ones look any better?

  3. Play Red Faction armageddon, Mr Toots is fun, great game for destruction! Easy enough also!

  4. skate games are easy enough

  5. Not sure if anybody will read this but anyway..

    If you want to compare games with stallion go to and go on your friends list, at the bottom of the page use the "find a friend" search, this will allow you to view his profile without needing to send messages or trying to friend request him.

    Also gratz on the 600k again.

    Hope this helps someone...

  6. The easiest way that microsoft could solve this issue would be to generate a 'SENT' message box, along with our normal inbox.. you could access stallion's profile that way.

    actually stal, the guy mentioning all the Dynasty warriors games pulled one good one out, Fist of the north star: Ken's rage.. i played it to 700G but enjoyed it, it's also a JP stack ;)

  7. I'm somewhat new to your site. I'm just curious and all about how many Xbox’s have you gone through. I've only know that I’m on my 3rd one already and I’m nowhere near your GS.

  8. DW7 definitely looks good so does ken's rage. i didn't realise till i checked your games that you actually did a few of the DW games i suggested, sorry about that.

  9. You fag. Drop the controller and bang that chick on the couch.

  10. Nope, Dynasty Warriors hasn't gotten any better. Don't bother.


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