Sunday, July 10, 2011

All Your Messages Are Belong To Me


What's the best site for a person to start tracking their gamerscore? Leaderboards, etc.



is ur highest possible gamerscore passed 1 million?

S83:  Nope, not yet.

IIR iDuuR3Xx S3

Wow dude, I seriously respect you ! I watched your game list and I wonder how the hell you have the patience to finish so many shitty games ! Good luck for the 1 000 000 !┏┃┓━ㅇ━ BooM HeadShot !┗┃┛

is your gamer score really over 400k sorry i know its lame to ask lol

Gears Beats Cod

Master Irishman
you're legend in my book!! :]

Afc JoNNy Rfc
how u get angry birds on ur xbox ??

S83: I bought the bird feeder avatar prop of course.
My bird feeder brings all the birds to the yard
and they're like
its better than yours


change ur gamerpic to a horse!!! that looks soooo dumb

S83: DONE!

Make more videos man your the bomb

S83: I may have something up my sleeve.

love the website! hope u add to the timeline

S83: Thanks! Completely neglected the timeline, but I  hope to add more soon.

Rushed Username
Hey, geat job! Not only do you have a great gamertag, but we share the same first name. Good luck on that 1 million xp.

Flash Nades
Someday I will have more than you... Remember the name, Flash Nades.

43k in 2 months...

S83:  Yeah, yeah. Keep throwing that chipmunk E-pen around.

hey Bro, i wish you good luck on your journey, but i have a question for you, do you really enjoy videogames, i remember stop enjoying videogames due to the fact that i was only tryng to get achievements u_u... it was more of a duty than a hobby D:

S83:  Yes, I really do enjoy video games. A LOT!  Obviously I do love achievements, but I wouldn't even call myself the biggest achievement whore in the world. I know that's hard to believe, but I really play how I want to play. I'm probably playing more than I would like but that's just the way it goes.

I'm always playing the new releases and I get excited when Tuesday (new game release day in the US) rolls around even if the game isn't suppose to be AAA caliber. I don't research games prior to release, I'm not a big screen shot or trailer guy. I just like to pop a game in, get the experience, some achievements, and form my own opinion about it.

I'm extremely picky about audio/video when playing, I love hearing the sounds from a game. A very underated feature because most people will get the HDTV, but they don't realize a nice 5.1 or better setup is heaven as well.

Some stuff does seem like a chore, but I know how to pick my spots now. I've found the balance that works perfectly for me.

Short answer: Video Games are one hell of a drug and I love them now more than ever but I do miss Mario. :(


  1. oh wow i actually got on there lol

  2. "I bought the bird feeder avatar prop of course."

    made me lol.

  3. Do you install all of your games to your hard drive? How big of a hard drive do you have? How do you afford all of your games? And you should make a setup or game collection video for your youtube channel. Good luck on getting 1,000,000

  4. Only 20K away from 1M TA score. Huge milestone or just another record set during the journey to the ultimate goal of 1M GS?