Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All Your Messages Are Belong To Me

hi, just looking in amazement

doM I Skilla
Your way to 1 million gamerscore??? Is cheating, game saving your way??? You have no honor, that is fact!!! nOOb

iTz IHerbz
i have a question.

S83: Cat got your tongue?

would you get my gamerscore to 10000

S83: Let me check my calendar. Oh yes, it says right here: when pigs fly.

u r my idol dude...i kno im a random but can we be friends?

can u help me with fable2?

Hi, just to tell that u r amazin'. More than 950 000 gamerscore!! Did u bought all these games u play? Fantastic, respect btw. So see ya around, maybe on xbox live if u play Cod black ops at zombie mode ;)

S83: A lot of people are making the same mistake and thinking that my Trueachievement score is my gamerscore.

respect number 1 in xbox360

hi ur gamerscore is awesome good job getting that btw and i just want to ask how did u get de blob revolution on ur xbox coz from wot ive read its only on ipod iphone and ipad ? plz reply

S83: And the Windows Phone 7...You can pop achievements on your Windows Phone 7.

is it worth getting a windows phone 7? are the games any good

S83:  Yes and Yes. I love my phone.

when will you hit 600k?

S83:  July 5th?

Dude, it's so insane to me that you average what, 500-1000 points a day? How do you keep the drive going? I always fall into gaming ruts where I don't want to play anymore. Any tips? Good work man. You, sir, are a God among men, and an idol. Keep it up!

as if u got that much gamerscore is that seriously legit how have u got the money for all them games u must be loaded pluss how do u have the time to play all them lol

I know you are playing with Omega Deez.

S83: Straight stalker talk right there

do you hate zakke w a lot Drop kick him

S83: Hate is a strong word, but I shall not drop kick a Diva.

ur a beast. my idol

hey umm... i found out about your guinness world of record and i must say thats FREAKING AWESOME!!

hey god i was wondering when you're son jesus can come out and play?

S83 : The hell?

How come you have "Pac-Man" twice, "Pac-Man CE DX" and "Sherlock Holmes" Twice. Also How did you get them. One last Thing I noticed you had "Fruit Ninja" and "Pocket God", how?

S83: I'm tried of explaining. Done...

how do u get these achievements so quickly hav u been playing games since u were a kid or something

S83: I played Atari since I can remember and saved the princess when I was 5. Yeah, I've been gaming forever.

yo good luck to reaching one million gs im trying so myself and just had a xbox 4 a yr can u send me a message so i can see ur gamercard

and did u happen to end up in a modded game in WAW cuz i did and it screwed me over unlocking the rest of the achievements i needed -_- i wanted to do tht myself

but oh well atleast it was just those pesky online ones tht were 0 gs lol thank god cuz i want to get my gs to 1million legit just like u ur like a saint man

I hope ur a game tester. lol... How can you afford all these games? *(Please Respond)*

Also, I think you should change your gamertag to "WorldsHighestGS"
Good Luck man 4 your challenge U are the best 360 player ever!!!

Can i add you as a friend? Its full so please can you make space? =) If not thats ok... I was gonna ask friends of mine to take a look at your profile by looking for you in my friends list but it says you're full. =(

S83: I'm afraid I can't. My girlfriend isn't even on my Xbox LIVE friends list.

Thanks for all the messages here and the ones that  didn't make it.


  1. Sometimes I wonder if your twitter messages can get just as interesting.

    Don't check the voice messages from strangers anymore?

  2. "S83: I'm afraid I can't. My girlfriend isn't even on my Xbox LIVE friends list." Ahahaha and she even baked you an Xbox birthday cake, boo ram you!

  3. Can't see because of background

  4. Active member of 360gamesaves that covers his hacking tracks.

  5. Use to be an active member of 360gamesaves and has the highest gamerscore on XBL. Yeah

  6. This guy probably unlegitly unlocks his achievements and makes those unlegit achievements look legit by editing their date and time stamps.

  7. /\ people who are trying to exploit a fictional gamerscore are a more of a waste of life than the person they are trying to call a hack and cheater. GET A FUCKING LIFE!

  8. Stallion83 is the definition of what StripclubDJ did.

  9. Looks like I need to call the orkin man to get rid of the stray bugs that are getting in.

  10. how can you accuse him of 'gamesaving' when half of the games he plays are played before the game is officially out. i dont thing he would be able to 'gamesave' off games that aren't even out yet for maybe a week or 2

  11. but anyway good luck on getting 1,000,000GS

  12. All you people accusing him of cheating get a life. A gamerscore that high is totally achievable, all it takes is time and passion. Heck it only takes a few months to get your first 100k. 70% of 360 games give you 75+% of the achievements just by beating them. And btw if he did cheat who cares it's a gaming world, gs is just a number being number one in the world doesn't mean your the best gamer, superstar or anything, it just shows who plays the most games. The only reason the achievement system was set up anyway was to give games(even crappy ones) replay value for the price you pay. Any way stallion keep up the hard work and passion despite all the haters! I read earlier that you need help with Fable 2? if so respond and I can help

  13. hey, I wish you good luck on yor way to 1 million ta score... I have a question, which has been asked alot but I haven't seen answered yet: How can you afford those games? Do you get sponsored by companies?

  14. ^ It's called a good rental programme!
    ^^S83 didn't need help in fable 2, it was the guy messaging him that needed the help
    ^^^excuse me if i'm wrong but stallion doesn't play games before their released since 90% of the games he plays are rentals or lends from friends, you might be mistaken by staggered release dates between different regions

    I.E. cars 2 the movie stallion played/completed just a few days ago, but here in the UK its not released for almost 4 weeks, that might have thrown you?! :-/

  15. shave your balls man and go to kindergarten again ;) LOL its stupid to play all day long in these poor games man. do something good and dont waste money on this shit ;)