Timeline of Stallion83

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The Timeline of Stallion83


You never forget your first

November 22nd – The popping begins! 22 year old Ray Cox pops his first achievement on 360 launch day in North America. Hexic HD was the game, Cluster Buster was the achievement and it was worth a whopping 5 gamerscore points. Intrigued by the idea of achievements and gamerscore, but he was far from hooked at that time.

December 27th – Ray nabs his first completed Xbox 360 game. King Kong based on the 2005 movie was the title. Anyone in the world can now clearly see ones progress thanks to the gamerscore system and Xbox LIVE.


January –  Discovers the now deceased mygamercard.net world wide leaderboards….It seemed so innocent at the time. His overall ranking position at the time of sign up is unknown.

January 31st – Completes Call of Duty 2 on the eve of his 23rd birthday, which happens to be the title that got him completely hooked on achievements and gamerscore.

February – Raymond crosses the 10,000 gamerscore mark. 5 digits seemed like a lot and it was then as there were limited amounts of games to play.

February 25th – Full Auto becomes the 10th Xbox 360 game he completes.