950,000 Gamerscore

Yesterday I hit 950,000 gamerscore which means I’m only 50,000 away from why this blog even exists. In two weeks time it will be 8 years since I earned my first achievement and gamerscore points back on November 22nd, 2005. Xbox 360 launch day in the USA. It will have taken me eight years and change when it’s all said and done

A common question as of late is:

“Will you make it to 1,000,000 before Xbox One is released”

I’m very aware I built up that hype but it wasn’t meant to be. The short answer is no and there’s a story behind it all that I will share at a later date.

The goal now is to hit 1,000,000 in 2013 which leaves me about 50 days to earn 50,000 gamerscore. I think the Xbox One will give me the morale boost needed to get it done. More games don;t hurt, either. 🙂

900,000 Gamerscore & When Will 1,000,000 Happen?

NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND gamerscore on July 15th 2013.

The box art matches the console. Plus it’s a great game.

I wanted to use a unique console to hit the mark with so I finally fired up my 10 years of Xbox LIVE console that Microsoft sent out to an unknown amount of Xbox Live users back in November. I got a single achievement using this console and controller to put me at 900,000 and now I will retire the console and controller forever. Hey, at least the console lasted longer than my launch 360. I wish I was joking…..

The game I used for 900,000 was Borderlands 2 and the achievement was  “Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin” which is found in the Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC

So….the million dollar question is now; when will my 1,000,000 gamerscore happen? These questions keep popping up.

Might have to throw something together.