StophJ on the Achievement Hounds Podcast – Win XtendPlay!

Stoph sat down with the guys over at the Achievement Hounds Podcast to discuss video games and achievements. Tune in and listen to the show you’ll also have a chance to win an XtendPlay just for listening.

Hey guys I know I’m not as cool as Stallion83 himself but if you have sometime to kill check me out on the Achievement Hounds Podcast episode 26. I talk to the guys about video games and achievements. I’m also giving away an XtendPlay through the show so check it out for your chance to win.

You can find their podcast over at they also have a non achievement focused podcast called This Xbox Life. you can subscribe to either show on Zune or iTunes.You can also follow their show on Twitter @TXLhounds

A Few Interviews

Beantown Gamer interview I did a few weeks ago. HERE

You can also find an interview/article about me in the German magazine, GEE.

If you get a chance check out THIS Dead Pixel live audio. It’s an interview with Dave Sparling & Mark Sparling, the men behind Xtendplay & Xwerxonline.

Yahoo! Games Interview/Article

“The 27 year-old Tennessee man already made a mark on his favorite hobby when he was officially recognized by Guinness World Records for having the highest Xbox 360 Gamerscore in the world. But where most players would hang up their controllers after such an accomplishment, Stallion83 is just getting started.”
You can read the entire article HERE

500,000 Across The Web

Quotes  from the article:
Over at the 1 Million Gamerscore Blog you can read a full account of Stallion83’s day, from “7:00AM — Miss Mittens woke me up by meowing her face off. She better make the coffee today,”
“Will he rest on his laurels, or continue the good fight? As I write this, he’s online playing Karaoke Revolution. What a trooper.”
Quote from the article:
“Dan Ryckert’s Gamerscore is now over 98,000, Jeff Cork just hit the 100,000 mark, and executive editor Andrew Reiner is approaching an astounding 140,000 and  loves it. But I found one gamer who puts all three of them to shame…and then some.”

Joystiq The guy with half-million Gamerscore

Quote from the article:

“The only slightly avid gamer Stallion83 (we can only assume Stallion1 through 82 died due to severe thumb inflammation) is half-way to his goal of achieving one million Gamerscore on Xbox 360″
Quote from the article:
“Congrats on this victory, good sir. Now prepare for Internet users everywhere to belittle your accomplishment.”

GamesRadarWorld Gamerscore record holder reaches 500,000 


Quotes from article:

“The Guinness Book of World Records highest Gamerscore entrant for two years in a row can’t stop now, and Xbox 360 fanatic Stallion83 isn’t – he’s just become the first in the world to reach half-a-million points on the 360 Achievement system.”

“We don’t even want to know how many Hannah Montana and Disney movie-themed games this guy has had to endure to keep pumping up that score, but it’s nevertheless quite a stellar accomplishment.”

Quotes from the article:
“A self-professed “achievement junkie,” Stallion83 has vowed to never quit until he reaches a Gamerscore of 1,000,000.”

“Stallion83 recently wrote that he plans on adding some usefulness to his Gamerscore blog by helping gamers with achievements that might pose a certain level of challenge. I suppose he feels safe enough with more than 500,000 points under his belt that now he can give away his secrets.”

Quote from the article:
He broke the very impressive half a million points threshold by unlocking the 20 point ‘Tournament of Chumps’ Achievement in Telltale’s own Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures.”
Quotes from the article:
“To put it in perspective, if you stretch out the text of all his achievements into one word it’s well over one quarter of a mile long. At this point we’re guessing he’s at least twice that far from reaching second base with a living, breathing female.”
“He chronicles his classic struggle on a minute-to-minute basis, so head on over to his site to read stirring entries like, “My cat is drinking all my water”
S83: Tiles, not text.  Like I really counted every character for every achievement. trying to score

Ars Technica Interview/article

“One man has earned a Gamerscore of over 500,000 on Xbox Live, and he’s headed for one million. We talk to him to learn how to pad our own scores, what games offer the easiest points… and to our surprise find a man who’s funny, has a girlfriend, and is teaching the world to follow its dreams with the help of a cheesy dance.”

You can read the full interview/article HERE

Although there were a few things taken out of context, (I never said I like Japanese dating sim games) I’m pleased with it.