Monday, August 6, 2012

Catching CaMmy

I was selected this week for our Listener Challenge on The Gamerscore Popcast by CaMmy95. He is currently beating the crap out of me by 1,645 gamerscore. Having played very little since the start and losing my game (mojo) while on vacation that I'm desperately trying to get it back, I'm left with very little hope and even less time and ammo (games) to catch up. I have until Friday 3PM EST to make it happen.

This is the story about how I caught CaMmy95......or died trying.

As of Monday night 11:57PM EST
CaMmY95 Starting Score: 137,585 Current Score 139,755 Total 2,170
Stallion83   Starting Score: 741,920  Current Score 742,445 Total  525

You can listen to the full interview with CaMmy at around the 1:15:19 mark.

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Score update with 24 hours left in the challenge. CaMmy95 - 3,265 Stallion83 - 1,490



Gave up worrying too much about trying to catch CaMmy and just started playing. Lego Batman 2 gets really good once you are able to use Superman, he basically steals the freaking show. Finally enjoying this game.

CaMmy said this a few hours ago "I've got a bed to get too now... You better not put some high points up during the night!! ;)"


CaMmy "Just over 48hrs to go man! I honestly getting a little worried your gonna rape me in this final stretch :S Please don't!"

I wish I could talk mad trash but I cannot back it up. 


Score update: CaMmy95 2,840 Stallion83 1,415


CaMmy put 250 gamerscore down in At World's End since the last update. Me=0 It's now or never.


Sat idle on Lego Batman 2 for over an hour now. Yep, I think that means it's time for bed. Chances of me catching up now are slim to none. Maybe IT will click tomorrow. It is the mental state of mind I can get into,  like this laser focus. I just can't bring it out right now. Damn you INVERSION! DAMN YOU!!

Here's CaMmy95 rubbing it in "Trying to get me while I sleep eh? Good plan! Too bad your gonna have to sleep now :D"


Stumped with what to play.


I was about to play Shaun White Snowboarding but I had to veto that thought. Thinking Lego Batman 2 or Sniper Elite. I really am in a funk.


Score update: CaMmy95 2,415 Stallion83 1,340

Nobody could guess the next game I'm about to play. I'm not even sure what to expect.


Score update: CaMmy95 2,415  Stallion83 1,075

Tuesday Gamerscore earned CaMmy95 245 Stallion83 475


Sleepy time for Cam Cam! Has to be or close to it since it's 3am across the pond. This is when I strike like a thief in the night! More Spec Ops. I need to cut the lead in half tonight to stand a chance.


Back up in the heezy baby. Need to shower and eat before anything else. CaMmy is currently in the lead by 1,505 gamerscore. If I want to catch up I'll have no choice but to play late into the night so I picked this up for a little boost.


Waiting on Cindy....It takes women forever to get ready, even to go to the damn park and run. In the intro I said I lost my mojo because I was on vacation. There might be some truth to that but this is the real reason.


Scored a few hundred in Spec Ops to bring my total to 910 while CaMmy is sitting pretty with 2,415. I've put a very small dent in his lead. Going to the park for a run while CaMmy sits on Netflix.  CaMmy, if you need show suggestions I have a few that will keep you busy for a few days AT least. Hit me up. :)


Played for about 15 minutes and left my Xbox idle for the other 90. Accomplishing jack and squat. CaMmy has pushed the lead up considerably with Monopoly Streets.


Got sidetracked and haven't played anything but dashboard. NEED MORE POINTS!!!


Started browsing TA for too long.


Looking to gain some ground so I'm starting back where I left off early this morning with Spec Ops.


It looks like CaMmy took it easy on me while I was asleep. The gap remains the same with him holding a firm 1,485 point led.


Leaving this here so I don't forget to watch it.


Off to bed. CaMmy, please don't kill me while I'm off dreaming.


I wasn't able to cut much into CaMmy's lead but it's a start. I'm sure he will dig a deeper hole for me to climb out of once he wakes up over in the UK and I hit the hay here in the USA.

His lead currently stands at 1,485 gamerscore

The prize mentioned to him on the show was an 800 Microsoft point code, but he insisted I need not waste my money because he would rather gain a place on my friends list. I told him I would do that.


Started to really enjoy Spec Ops The Line but I personally would never, ever compare it to Bioshock. Remember that one dude who did? What a nut!! Nolan North now ruins the experience of any game he does voice acting for simply because he has done too much. I shouldn't be thinking about Dark Void while playing Spec Ops, but I am, and it sucks. Some things just can't be undone. Have you ever wanted to take cover while manning a stationary turret? Well, now you can thanks to Spec Ops.


T.O. back in the NFL. No way!!


Played Spec Ops for just over an hour and I'm ready to pack it in. Just don't have it. I'll try to go until 3:30.


Ending up watching How I met your mother. Great show!


Game on!


Gaining any ground will have to wait. The girlfriend wants to watch some TV with me.


I wasn't lying about little ammo. Spec Ops The Line and Lego Batman 2 are currently the quickest games that I haven't already sucked dry.


  1. I like how your doing this challenge by blogging it. Great idea. You should do the same for the team challenge.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I may just do that.

  3. Shouldn't have boosted dirt man, you might have a bit of a gain. I have no ammo left until lovefilm give me something tomorrow though. Its pretty cool your blogging this, is it gonna be a daily update or what? :)

  4. Cammy, make Ray work hard this week!

  5. @CaMmy - An all day running blog update until Friday.

    1. Ah well that's pretty cool! I'll keep checking back then ;)

  6. This is boring, all it is you whining about not getting points, and always saying you meed to, now or never, just do it.

    1. Not shit else to really say when your trying to play but can't find the motivation. It's not easy to get to almost 750k and keep going balls to the wall 24/7. You don't know what it's like, It mentally wears a person down. I'm dealing with that, not whining.

      I did this to spark myself and highlight the challenge against CaMmy. The thought entered my head and I just did it. No pre-planning. Got any suggestions besides just go play? If it was just that easy.

    2. Let him play penquins of Madagascar then At worlds end back to back. Then he will get a glimpse of being burned out :P

    3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. If you have access to even half of those arcade games on your card, I do see about 1000 points or so, that isint terribly tough. ;)

    1. I have access to them all.

    2. You could post a lot of quick points from Iron Brigade. Not complete, but certainly enough to help catch up. I'm sure a lot of other games will yield just as much.

    3. You could also get some instant Achievements by importing your savegame from yourshape FE to yourshape 2012 ;)