Stallion Doin’ Work – Got My Game Face On

Kobe scored 43 points in a loss against the Nuggets on Tuesday night.

By the skin of my teeth, I completed the challenge by unlocking exactly 43 achievements across 7 different games on Wednesday.

I finally got to see what all the hype was about with Minecraft. A very fun and creative little game that I would play for countless of hours on end if I wasn’t chasing down gamerscore glory. Easy to pick up and play, yet, it seemingly has infinite possibilities. It became the most downloaded XBLA for the first 24 hour period….and for good reason. I guess the 1600 Microsoft points didn’t scare the masses away like one would think.

The Lakers play again here in a matter of minutes on Thursday night and apparently Mr. Kobe Bryant is sick. I’m just going to assume that he will play…always does when sick. But I’m probably off the hook slightly because I doubt he goes for 30 plus points. That leaves me with a challenge on Friday.

Pinky from Next Friday gets me every. time.