Stallion Doin’ Work – Getting My Mojo Back

My mood today: Even.  which = happy

Only slightly unhappy because of an extremely painful hip. It’s no easy task, almost borderline impossible, to jog or play Kinect with this injury. What’s odd is that it actually feels better when I’m standing up, but when I lay down the pain is crazy depending on the way my body is positioned.

I’ve also been spending more time on my Xbox than usual. That’s cray! Right? Lets see how long this will last for.

A swift update today since I still need to get some reps in and take a shower before the Lakers game tonight.

On Sunday night Kobe scored 22 points in a Lakers win.

I completed the challenge on Monday by unlocking 25 achievements in 3 different games. (Mortal Kombat, Wordament, and Little League World Series 2010)

I’ve been mostly playing Little League World Series and it’s much, much longer than I expected it to be. The full 1k will take no less than 20 hours but at least I’m over halfway done at this point. I don’t love it or hate it, but I can’t recommend it unless you are scratching and clawing for something to play, and in most cases, you probably aren’t. There’s better stuff for you guys to play, trust me when I say that.

Really looking forward to Minecraft tomorrow morning on XBLA. $20 is a steep price to pay for arcade games, but I want to see what all the fuss is about. The extra 400 gamerscore doesn’t hurt, either.

Everybody and their brother is raving about how good The Avengers movie is so I feel inclined to check it out this week. Hopefully that happens because I do love me some $7 popcorn.

I think I got my gaming motivation back, but it doesn’t hurt to search for more.

The Lakers play again tonight (Tuesday) which leaves me with a hump day challenge (Wednesday)

 A little unknown fact: 2Pac was a member of Digital underground. Seen below.