Stallion Doin’ Work – The Price is Wrong, Bitch!

My mood today: Happy as a clam. I tried to play fetch outside with my cat but she was more interested in eating the grass And yes, my cat Miss Mittens will play fetch with any ball that has a little bell in it.

On Friday night Kobe scored 22 points in a loss vs the Denver Nuggets and that automatically makes this challenge last at least another day in the grand scheme. The Thunder are now waiting for the winner of LA/Denver in the second round, which will be a very tough challenge if the Lakers make it by the nugs.

I completed the challenge on Saturday by unlocking 27 achievements across 5 different games.

I also completed 4 or 5 games over the course of the last couple of days and the one I want to talk about is,  The Price is Right: Decades.

There are two extremely luck based achievements tied to the Plinko pricing game which is why it’s so annoying and frustrating. Plinko is probably the shows most popular game since the crowd always cheers really loud when it’s revealed.

“Drop it like it’s hot” has to be done online and “Lucky Chips” has to be done in local multiplayer. Both are essentially for getting the plinko chip in the middle slot (beat ya to a “that’s what she said” comment) 3 out of the 5 times. Just straight up luck based.

For “Drop it likes it’s hot” I did get very lucky by unlocking it during my 3rd of 4th attempt without trying or knowing it was even my chip that was getting dropped like it’s hot into the middle for the big bucks. When the achievement unlocked the first thing to pop into my head, naturally, was Snoooooooooooooooop.

I’m pretty (100%) sure I did the little Snoop Dance when it did unlock.

“Drop it like it’s hot” being out of the way without much fuss, I still had to somehow manage a way to get  “Lucky Chips” to unlock if I ever wanted to conquer the evil Bob Barker game. In multiplayer it’s not as easy as just picking whatever pricing game you want to play; you have to keep backing in and out of the game to get in the 80’s decade and then you have to play contestants row just to see if the Plinko pricing game shows up. Sometimes you won’t even get a game of Plinko to appear for an entire hour. On top of  dealing with all of that, once you actually get the game to come up, it’s a complete crap shoot on whether or not you will get lucky enough for the chip to fall in the middle 3 out of the 5 tries. I cussed Bob Barkers name for 3 hours straight this morning while attempting this shit stain of an achievement. If Bob dies within the next two months, I will feel like an asshole for cursing his name. Don’t forget to neuter your dogs and cats!!! Bob did teach us all that.

I don’t normally get excited when achievements unlock, but when I do, I tend to scream this phrase. “The price is wrong, bitch!”

Kobe and the Lakers play in roughly 5 minutes on this beautiful Sunday leaving me with a Monday challenge. I’ll predict a Lakers win and  Kobe scoring 35 points.